Putin Warns About Nuclear Weapons: NATO in Ukraine

If NATO is so much against sending troops to Ukraine why doesn’t NATO demand that the soldiers already there be sent home? On Monday, February 26, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said that Germany would not provide its Taurus long range cruise missiles to Ukraine because

Farmers’ Protest in India Reignites

In 2021, after a year-long protest, India’s farmers brought about the repeal of three farm laws that were intended to ‘liberalise’ the agriculture sector. Now, in 2024, farmers are again protesting. The


Indian Fishermen Ravage Jaffna Coast, Yet Again

Fishermen in Jaffna’s Vadamarachchi East region are reeling from a clandestine assault by Indian fishermen who infiltrated the Vethilakeni beach, wreaking havoc and causing damages exceeding 30 lakh rupees. The assailants ruthlessly