Sri Lankan youth during the in-famous 'Aragalaya' [Photo: Special Arrangement]

Concept of state formation and contemporary policy issues in Sri Lanka

The starting point of the analysis in this short article is to question theconventional approach to studying a state.The conventional approach treatsthe state as a concrete, self-contained entity that has attained a final status.Much of the effort to promote goals such as economic growth, social development and democracyis based on a notion







Udo Keppler, "A noisy mob - but the sound money police are closing in on them," (published by Keppler & Schwarzmann, 1896; Library of Congress)

The Triumph of Techno-Populism

Following excerpts adapted from the author’s most recent book, Mad World, War, Movies, Sex published by OR books The madness evoked in the title of this book is not meant just as the everyday expression we often use but as a more precise indication that we live in an epoch in which we miss what Fredric Jameson called “cognitive mapping,” a global orientation of

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The Ancient Patterns of Migration

We live in an era of mass migration. According to the United Nations’ World Migration Report 2022, there were 281 million international migrants

Manipur: Despicable Politics

The Government of India on June 4, 2023, has notified a Commission of Inquiry under the Commissions of Inquiry Act, 1952, to

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