A Wagonload of Monkeys in Bangladesh!

Bangladesh can’t bear the burden of these unwanted politicians! They must leave our country and go back to their fatherland – Pakistan like a scallywag, monkey state.

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Bangladeshis shout slogans against the deadly communal violence in India, during a protest after Friday prayers in Dhaka, Feb. 28, 2020. [Photo: benarnews.org]

The colly campaigners for tossing out Indian goods!

Our friendship with India is an eternal flame that burns bright. Rise up, take courage, and tell the truth.

Let the Sun know how much we rise now with its rays to consecrate our debts to India and former Soviet Union!

The dirty-faced campaign for tossing out Indian goods in Bangladesh by anti-liberation forces, particularly Jamaat-e-Islami mass-liquidators under cloak and dagger and their on-key mango-twigs BNP, like an out-of-wedlock born political squad in Dhaka cantonment, is morally reprehensible devilment to us, to our people.

When we were battling life or death to establish Bangladesh in 1971, these sub-humans and their elderly family lines egressed with all their brutalities, killed 3 million of our people pitilessly using our holy Religion – Islam and pronouncing the holy words “Naray-e-Takbir, Allah-hu Akbar. Pakistan Zindabad and Pakistan is the holy place of Islam” and slaughtered them – they did never permit for burial of those dead bodies. Instead, they then vauntingly allowed those lamentable dead bodies to be eaten by the vultures, jackals, dogs, and other human flesh eaters, and thus they celebrated such brutal darts with all un-kindnesses. All these I saw with my own eyes in 1971.

Three Hundred Thousand of our mothers and sisters were gang-raped by those hellish creatures in 1971. As a direct witness of those ghastly scenes and a frontline Freedom Fighter of the 1971 war field, I can write much more about those dreadful occurrences perpetrated by those brute forces and their wretched Pakistani army overlords.

Knowing fully well about what was going on in Bangladesh in 1971, the so-called Muslim Ummah countries didn’t come forward to support our just cause of Independence war or even condemn the bestial dissembles committed to our people by the brutal Pakistani regime led by Gen Yahya Khan and their so-called local Muslim Rhizophora mangles of evil spirit.

But it is India, the solitary country across the world, who first stood by us, supported us mightily with bread and butter, gave shelter to 10 million of our people who were compelled to go to India to save themselves from the onslaught by the roughshod Pakistani army and their dreaded local collaborators. India had opened all land borders with Bangladesh for our safety to take refuge inside their country.

Psychoanalysts falling behind have signaled that boycotting Indian goods could have major repercussions for the economic relationship between the two countries.

But India is a major exporter to Bangladesh with annual trade historically exceeding US$12bn. Additionally, Bangladesh relies heavily on India for essential commodities, and the two governments are currently in talks on an annual quota of imports of Indian farm products.

Their anti-India campaign is a fluffing and anserine “political stunt” – the pool stick is understaffed to the extent that the economic geography of boycotting Indian products will be more severe for common people in Bangladesh. Any noetic Bangladesh’s man or woman would not choose to participate in this besmirch campaign. India is our neighboring country, and we are heavily dependent on them for our everyday essentials like rice, onions, et al. We are dependent because we get those products at the cheapest prices because of geographical proximity. Sourcing those products from somewhere else would cost much more, which we can’t afford.

Despite Bangladesh being India’s fourth-largest export destination, we still comprise about 3.5 percent of the Indian export market. Even if all exports to Bangladesh stopped, it probably wouldn’t significantly affect the Indian economy as these products would find a market elsewhere.

Moreover, a fifth of Bangladeshi imports are from India, including essentials such as cotton for the garment manufacturing sector, cereals, and produce such as onions. Looking at other sources of imports for these products could stir up inflation further in the country.

The ‘India Out’ campaign reflects discontent among a small section of the anti-Bangladesh liberation politicians as these begrime political crows failed to climb up the Bangladesh’s throne in the last national polls.

These rapscallion politicians and their cronies didn’t condemn the Yankees when they tried to interfere in the domestic affairs of Bangladesh openly with their mighty power before the 7 January 2024 national election in the country. Rather, they then, in despicable league with Uncle Sam and their mango-twigs, were in deep-seated confederacies to cause the downfall of AL government.

These cruddy politicians and their chums have not yet excoriated Uncle Sam’s dearly loved friend Israel for committing colossus misdeeds in Gaza Strip, Palestine, whereas people all over the world are fuming and condemning both the Zionist morons and the rapscallion Yankees!

Whereas those crummy politicians and their buddies say that India’s backing of the AL is to protect its economic and security interests. In the process, New Delhi has undermined Bangladesh’s democratic aspirations.

Fifty-three years after 1971. But they have not changed their mindsets and behaviors and would not change themselves to accept the reality of Bangladesh’s birth in 1971 and its glorious spirits. They didn’t join the last election according to their volition. They didn’t even have any prime ministerial candidate. Were they honorable hostlers to the election commission – that they be dressed in wedding paijama and pagri to get married? Funny. Amusing. Comical. Rib-tickling – Arousing or provoking laughter when they ask for banishing Indian products in Bangladesh!!!

They are now hole-and-corner with Pakistani godparents and in clandestine tie-dyed kinship with the gurnard western countries and are looking for stalking-horses to fish out political gains from the troubled waters in Bangladesh by playacting the dirty campaign of ‘India Out’ in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh can’t bear the burden of these unwanted politicians! They must leave our country and go back to their fatherland – Pakistan like a scallywag, monkey state.

In 1971, Bangladesh with India’s strong-willed back up won a glorious victory over Pakistan due to the brilliant soldiers of Bangladesh-India, full-fledged support of the Bengalis, an unwavering political leadership of India and Bangladesh governments, and strong military and diplomatic support from Moscow. Well-known is Russia’s power play that prevented a joint Pakistan-American-Chinese attack on the soil of Bangladesh in 1971.

We are always grateful to our brothers India and former Soviet Russia who stood firmly by us for our just cause of Independence in 1971. Long live Bangladesh and India Friendship. Down with the below the belt ‘India Out’ campaigners in Bangladesh.

Anwar A. Khan

Anwar A. Khan is an independent political analyst based in Dhaka, Bangladesh who writes on politics, political and human-centred figures, current and international affairs

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