Korea’s Conflict Dynamics


North East Asia centring on the Korean Peninsula is facing multiple challenges including geostrategic divide, geoeconomic competition, nuclear, military, and cyber. Propaganda and psy war have assumed a new dimension in this


Accelerating Indian Defence Reforms

India’s armed forces are a critical factor in determining the status of the nation in the global pecking order. While the Indian armed forces have made a mark in the region as


Geopolitics of Corridors

Multinational corridors while demonstrating geopolitical vision, do these create geoeconomic advantage? Here is a comparison of the IMEC and INSTC IMEC The Union Cabinet chaired by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi gave


Kurta Pyjama in Indian Navy

The traditional Kurta Pyjama is a chic ensemble in a civilian setting in India but is out of place in a service mess, here’s why- Multiple media reports indicate that the Indian Navy

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