Russia’s New War Aim


There is a large Russian operation going on in Ukraine focused on the Kharkov area.  At the same time, the Russians are also attacking elsewhere, primarily in Donbas but also in Zaphorize. 


Ukraine: No More Air Defenses


By their own admission, Ukraine desperately needs air defenses.  Most of the high end systems previously delivered from the US and Europe have either been destroyed or run out of interceptor missiles. 


A Massacre in Moscow

In an extraordinarily brutal assault, four gunmen armed with high-capacity assault rifles and a flamethrower stormed a packed concert venue, Crocus City Hall, on the outskirts of Moscow late Friday, slaughtering civilians


Rebels Hit Russia on Election Day

The Kremlin is rolling out its carefully managed simulacrum of a democratic process, with sham elections in which there is only one conceivable outcome: Vladimir Putin as the unopposed victor, sealed into

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