China’s Territorial Greed – Threat to World Peace?

Chinese leaders  appear to have such territorial greed  deep in their mindset and this is  now becoming more visible

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This photo taken on Oct 16, 2022 shows the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, capital of China. [Photo/Xinhua]

Since 1980s, in the last four decades, China has recorded  spectacular growth in the industrial and economic front.  Several multinational companies have invested several billion dollar  in China to set up projects , which happened due to the imaginative and proactive policy of Government of China. Aided by  the investment and technology from multinational companies, China gained immensely. China is now well recognised as one of the world  economic  super power.

With the economic power , China is also expanding it’s military capability and it’s present  annual military budget is around 2030 billion USD.

Unfortunately, along with the economic and industrial growth, China’s territorial greed have also increased to an alarming level. . To achieve it’s territorial greed , China is using it’s military and economic power.  This is now causing concern  worldwide

Chinese leaders  appear to have such territorial greed  deep in their mindset and this is  now becoming more visible

Case study Tibet

In the 1950s, China forcibly occupied Tibet and massacred thousands of protesting Tibetans brutally.  In the last few decades after China’s unethical occupation of Tibet, China has been trying to destroy the Tibetan culture and traditional practices and brainwash the youth, as if Tibet is only an extended territory of China.  While China took over Tibet militarily, there was no  significant protest in the world and this encouraged China to move on with it’s territorial greed adventures.

Case study India

After this occupation of Tibet, in 1962, China waged a war against India and occupied thousands of kilometres of Indian territory, which it is continuing to hold under it’s control till now. India has around  3500 kilometre length of land in China border which China calls as disputed territory,  and wants to occupy.  Frequently, China has been trying to intrude into Indian territory and it is reported in the media that in the year 2020, large area  of Ladakh region has been taken over by the Chinese army. Further, not satisfied with so much occupation of Indian land , China now demands that Arunachal Pradesh in India  should be part of Tibet region , now occupied by China.

To conceal it’s territorial greed , China often talks about peace with India and mischievously says that  “India and China share far more common interest than differences”  and says that bilateral relations between both the countries should be strengthened. However, territorial greed of China is now too blatant to be concealed.

Case study – Taiwan

China claims that Taiwan should be part of China, which is thoroughly unjustified.  There was a civil war in China when the communists occupied most parts of China except the Taiwan region. It was forcible occupation by China. Under the circumstances, the ground reality is that while the Chinese leaders claim that Taiwan should be part of mainland China, certainly, the government of Taiwan can legitimately claim that mainland China should be part of Taiwan.

In it’s territorial greed to grab Taiwan, China is threatening to invade Taiwan at any moment. The recent news is that China has sent 38 war planes and 6 navy vessels to areas near Taiwan.

Case study – South China Sea:

Apart from the above  territorial greed acts of China , it is laying  claims on South China sea, Senkaku Island , which is creating tension with Philippines , Japan and other neighbouring countries.

 It is a matter of concern now that China is planning to have military installations in Co Co Island in Myanmar.

Economic domination:

Apart from such military  oriented aggressive tactics, China has effectively brought countries like Pakistan, North Korea under it’s control,  exploiting   the economic and other weakness of these countries.   Sri Lanka is also now facing a threat of going down under China’s grip  due to it’s excessive dependence on China  for infrastructure projects and the  consequent  debt burden ,  which has forced Sri Lanka to undergo the humiliation of handing over Hambantota port to China on 99 years lease. The fact is that Sri Lanka has now virtually no control over the activities of China in Hambantota port .

China – A threat to world peace :

While most countries in the world are concerned about the territorial greed of China, it is strange that China has offered to mediate between Ukraine and Russia to end the Ukraine war. This is like the devil quoting scripture

China emerging as an economic superpower in the world has resulted in a situation , where it competes with USA in economic super power status. USA is all the time trying to extend it’s influence over other countries in the world and now China too is trying to do the same.  But, the difference is that USA is extending  it’s influence without territorial greed and this is not so in the case of China.

It appears that ultimate result of China’s territorial greed  would inevitably result in disturbing peace in the world.  It appears that the ambition of Adolf Hitler and Chinese President do not seem to be different.

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