CIA Front Company’s Shadowy Arms Deals in Sri Lanka?

RKW, led by former DIA officer Robert Kszysztof Wojciechowski, lacks renewable energy achievements and is primarily involved in arms trade with FlyFocus and MXTech in Poland.

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In August 2017, CIA front company Noetic International Inc. signed an agreement with RKW Strategic Services LLC, a U.S.-based firm ostensibly focused on waste-to-energy (WTE). However, an investigative report by CIAGate has exposed RKW’s true operations: clandestine arms dealing.

RKW, led by Polish immigrant and former Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) officer Robert Kszysztof Wojciechowski, has no public presence or verifiable achievements in renewable energy. Instead, RKW is deeply involved in arms trade, partnering with companies like FlyFocus and MXTech in Poland to supply advanced military equipment.

A December 2023 document from the CIA reveals that the U.S. State Department authorized RKW to broker arms shipments to Ukraine, sourced from Sri Lanka’s Ministry of Defense. This complex network of arms trading, conducted under the guise of legitimate business, highlights the murky interplay between national security and private profit.

For the full investigative report, visit here.

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