Cuba Urges United States to Remove Unfounded Terrorism Allegations

U.S. Faces International Scrutiny Over Unsubstantiated Terrorism Claims Against Cuba: Calls for Integrity in Foreign Relations Grow Louder

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In a bold statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Cuba, the nation has called upon the United States to finally remove Cuba from its list of states allegedly sponsoring terrorism. The statement comes in response to the recent submission by the U.S. State Secretary to Congress, omitting Cuba from a list of countries allegedly failing to fully cooperate with U.S. antiterrorist efforts for the 2023 calendar year. Despite this omission, Cuba remains unjustly categorized as a state sponsoring terrorism by the U.S. State Department.

The Cuban government has condemned the inclusion on such lists as baseless and unilateral, serving only to tarnish the sovereignty of nations and provide a pretext for imposing coercive economic sanctions. These sanctions, as endured by Cuba, inflict significant harm on the economy and impede international relations.

Furthermore, Cuba asserts that it does not sponsor terrorism but has, in fact, been a victim of it, including acts of state terrorism. This truth is widely acknowledged, not only by the Cuban government but also by numerous governments, organizations, and individuals both within the United States and internationally.

Cuba emphasizes its full cooperation not only with the United States but with the entire international community in combating terrorism. This cooperation is a well-established fact, reaffirmed by public opinion and cannot be denied.

The demand for the United States to rectify this injustice is resolute, coming from the Cuban people, governments in Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as political, social, and religious organizations within the United States itself. The Cuban government calls upon the President of the United States to act honestly and rectify this situation, recognizing Cuba’s cooperation and ending the unjust allegations of terrorism sponsorship.

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