Defying Liberation in Bangladesh

The pearls do not fall from their sweet smiles, though they show up in the Lapp language to make us believe them, with the intent to deceive us in other respects or ways.

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Commando training for members of the Mukti Bahini (Bangladeshi National Liberation Army) during the Bangladesh Liberation War, in Syaldaa Nadi, East Pakistan, 22nd November 1971. [Photo by Bettmann Archive/Getty Images]

Our glorious Liberation War of 1971 to found Bangladesh is our plume. Our national flag is our preen. Our national anthem is our pridefulness. We achieved Bangladesh at the blood-bath of 3 million of our people by the lunatic Pakistani military regime in league with the US and Chinese governments and their local brutish cohorts, majorly the Jamaat-e-Islami (JeI) sub-humans. To attain Bangladesh, three hundred thousand of our mothers and sisters lost their chastity at the hands of those malefactors. We saw their baleful everlasting annihilation of the freedom-loving people of all classes and all religions in the country.

These perps forced out one million of our people from their homes with unspeakable sufferings made them shelter-less and forced them to take refuge inside India. All these man-made disasters were played out throughout a 9-month war in 1971. We finally gave them a crushing defeat on December 16, 1971; the scalawag Pakistani Army’s 93,000 soldiers surrendered to our feet, and our beloved Bangladesh came into being as an independent and sovereign state on the world map. We are proud of the secular spirit that we earned through our glorious Liberation War in 1971.

That was a shameful defeat for them for which they can’t forget this abasement. At every moment, they have been looking for a dent to inflict heartrending damage upon the political party now in power under whose leadership Bangladesh attained independence in 1971 and hurt massively the underlying structure of the country – Bangladesh.

The pearls do not fall from their sweet smiles, though they show up in the Lapp language to make us believe them, with the intent to deceive us in other respects or ways.

So, there have been daggers unremittingly in their smiles or in their malefic actions long against Bangladesh and the pro-Bangladesh government. These daggers are very large and sharpened, and they are combat-ready to stab us from behind the scenes and from the frontline. This means that wicked men smile not out of kindness but to hide their wicked intentions.

If we delve into the drawer, we find that these men who smile at us are concealing daggers, wanting our blood. Of all these men are our vitriolic foes counting on the forthcoming national polls.

It is also essential to bring up the point that the bacilli of the local defeated forces of 1971 could not be destroyed after Bangladesh’s Founding Father Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s killing intentionally and with premeditation on August 15, 1975, by Khondokar Mushtaque Ahmed and his camarilla and because of skullduggeries of depraved military rulers – Gen. Zia, Gen. Ershad, and their compadre – Begum Zia for two decades or so. Unfortunately, they have infected, so many other people, especially the vast majority of the younger generation, in the country.

BNP and JP are unlawful machinates, were born in the military bivouac on September 1, 1978, and January 1, 1986, respectively, by profaned military dictators Gen Zia and Gen Ershad using government spy agencies and millions of monies from the government exchequer, and they were self-proclaimed Presidents of Bangladesh.

Deviating from what is considered moral, right, proper, or good, these reprobate personas, power-hungry men in nature purposely reinstated the anti-liberation forces, especially Jamaat-e-Islami (JeI), small factions of Muslim League, and their ill chums in every sphere of circuits on the soil of Bangladesh. So, BNP and JP are unquestionably anti-liberation forces in the country and they embody the defeated forces of our 1971 war to establish Bangladesh.

Jamaat-e-Islami (JeI) is well-known and long-familiar both at home and abroad as a killing outfit of millions of people in 1971 in league with Pakistan’s military junta and Uncle Sam as well as in support of China. It is also well-known for its worst war criminality in the annals of history. Even if we also hark-back the years of 2013 and 2014, we can see the vivid pictures of the real violent world of BNP and JeI and how these two political outfits brought about terrible excruciations to our people in the country. We cannot and shall never forget the Taliban or ISIS style of brutalities they thrust out on our innocent people during those times.

It is deplorable that because of rapacity for some pies of bread and butter from power and being funded by Jamaati liquidators of 1971 and their perps, some veteran freedom fighters, some small left-leaning political parties and the likes of them have surrendered to the blood-stained mitts of the anti-liberation forces, Pakistan’s ISI, CIA of America, and their quislings to give them more leverage at free-will to do more impairment to Bangladesh and its people. All these sounds of megascopic perfidiousness to the souls of millions of our people who consecrated their lives to attain Bangladesh in 1971. Their ill action mechanisms also bear witness to their utter assaultiveness to the core gems or pearls on which Bangladesh was founded in 1971.

The U.S. Ambassador to Bangladesh Peter Haas and his overseas white-skinned mango-twigs have come to the fore in the field of Bangladesh in mooring with all ferine anti-Bangladesh liberation forces as Prime Minister Hasina’s corpus rival in the country for the upcoming general polls.

The defeated forces of 1971 also want to rewrite history to slur over Bangladesh’s glorious Liberation War. It is also a willingness for them to reinterpret even the most sacred chapters of Bangladesh’s history.

The obnoxious nexus of anti-Bangladesh liberation forces and their foreign perps should keep in mind that in the centre of a Russian inner sanctuary, the white-domed Hall of Glory, an enormous statue of a Soviet soldier stands with a sword at his feet; its sheath bears this inscription: “He who comes to us wielding a sword shall die by the sword,” and our people echoed the same words to Uncle Sam and their newfangled sidekicks, both local and foreign, giving them a crushing defeat in the forthcoming 12th national voting fight.

Still, then, the defeated forces, neo-face defeated forces, and their cronies are combat-ready to tweak with several fingernails to the bottle green national flag of Bangladesh with the red circle symbolising the rising sun and the sacrifice of lives in our freedom fight in 1971.

Their past casts long shadows. To really grasp how violations of human rights, crimes against humanity, and genocide came about in 1971, a look into the Jamaat-e-Islami (JeI) inner line of actions and this religion-trading-based bestial murdering squad are ineluctable.

As long as JeI and Jamaat-e-BNP crimes and violations are seen to be related solely to those outside one’s inner circle, the mechanisms of denial and silencing create complicity. Their loyalty is thus built on lies only, bald-faced lies only. This means that wicked men smile not out of kindness but to hide their wicked intentions.

After all, the 1971 Holocaust would not have been so successful had the Jamaat-e-Islami mass murderers not found their accomplices in Pakistan, CIA, and the American establishment. Transmitted down the generations, these patterns of thinking are now breaking the surface, still spreading fear and discriminatory or abusive behaviour towards members of other religions. Hence, the eruption of nationalism came to the fore with its unfeigned power in Bangladesh against the Pakistani military junta in 1971, the abominable American establishment and the Chinese government.

In 1971 Pakistan’s military junta targeted our commemorative culture, raising their ugly secrets ever deeper underground, ruthlessly displaying a petty Pakistani nationalism and inciting enmity against the Bengalis, the majority populace of the then ill-famed Pakistan.

It is so-called Big Joyful Smiles on their faces considering the forthcoming national elections! This means that wicked men smile not out of kindness, but to hide their wicked intentions.

Behind the grey stone walls of Jamaat-e-Islami, Jamaat-e-BNP, and their mango twigs – both local and foreign, there is a load of rubbish, and next to this rubbish are ill people belonging to the U.S. and its 30 vassal states and more than that, some high-profile freedom fighters of 1971 who want to further ravage our glorified achievements which we attained at the bay of blood in 1971. It is a big shock, that we cannot take.

In truth, since they are collectors of miscellaneous useless objects or collect things that have been discarded by others, their places are bound to be the outfall at a far-off grime place in Pakistan like a rogue state. Because they do not belong to Bangladesh – they are anti-Bangladesh liberation forces!

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