Discomfiting Civil Society and NGOs in Bangladesh

The world of Bangladesh shall not end up under Uncle Sam like a Beelzebub’s ‘Sword of Damocles’ on the tightrope pretexts of their so-called visa policy!

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A boy poses for a picture under an enormous Bangladeshi flag, during a flag rally ahead of the country's 50th Victory Day anniversary, in front of the parliamentary building in Dhaka [Mohammad Ponir Hossain/Reuters]

The leaders of Bangladesh’s Civil Society, NGO Organisations, constitutional experts, human rights activists, social movement activists, et al are dwelling-houses of Academics – Professors with PhD degrees, Lawyers, Barristers, Journalists and people from many more professions. They must be the conscience of our society!

But is very deplorable when they make any fancied statements or joint statements, assemble somewhere forming human chains to protest the political party in power, or any anomalies in our society, write anything or any opinion columns, post-editorials, they deliberately say or write or their protesting words are always found unfitly. They are like beshrewed, damningly one-sided paralysis patients! These are all biased, skewed, predetermined, a preset plan of actions, whereas they must find fault with; express criticism of; point out real flaws from both sides and pick-up a neutral stance – not supporting or favoring either side in a war, dispute, or contest or elections or whatever the matter is!

The veteran leaders of Civil society and NGOs, constitutional experts, human rights activists, social movement activists, et al, on 28 November, 2023, in a human chain meeting titled “Rearranged Elections: Citizens’ Anxiety” at the DrikPath Bhaban in the capital’s Panthapath demanded the announcement of the rescheduling of the 12th national parliamentary election and the release of BNP and other political leaders. Media reports say in the key-note paper, a Barrister and Dhaka University Law Department Chairperson said, “The government is trying to block the participation of BNP in the election by filing arbitrary cases. They are being tortured through judicial intervention and their intention is to destroy the power of protest and movement against the rigged election. The government is using every institution of the state including the police, public administration, and criminal justice system in this regard.”

Likewise, the statements by the noted citizenries representing plentiful NGOs, constitutional experts, human rights activists, social movement activists, a renowned photographer, et alia, causing dispirited accusations wholesomely with dismay against a solitary side without going thoroughly into facts, but designedly accusing ‘the police actions, public administration, and criminal justice system in this regard’ totally ignoring the Brobdingnagian criminal offences committed and has been continuing perpetrating by the opposition political parties, especially BNP like an unlawful machinate which was born in the military bivouac on 1 September 1978 by a profaned military dictator Gen Zia using government spy agencies and millions of monies from the government exchequer and he was a self-proclaimed President of Bangladesh.

At the said meeting, their mighty phonations made me dumbstricken. During their human-chains meeting, I was present nearby to them (incidentally, our domiciliate is close to Panthapath) to fathom about their cockeyed, turned or twisted toward one side lectures favouring BNP and JeI leaders. No sound from them against those depraved leaders for their colossal misdeeds they have been carrying on ceaselessly causing colossus harms to us in general!

The funny bone is they spoke like anti-Bangladesh liberation forces like speeches which are being made by BNP, Jamaat-e-Islami and the likes of them without taking cognizance of extreme point of their abrasions to our people making our lives execrable. Feeling no shame! As if they have now turned them into the neo-anti-Bangladesh liberation force mightier than Jamaat-e-Islami, BNP (like an illegitimate political party born in Dhaka cantonment) and the likes of them to counterpunch the political party now in power.

Deviating from what is considered moral, right, proper or good, Gen Zia, the reprobate persona, a power-hungry man in nature purposely reinstated the anti-liberation forces, especially Jamaat-e-Islami (JeI) mass-liquidators of 1971 and their ill chums in every sphere of circuits on the soil of Bangladesh. So, BNP is unquestionably an anti-liberation force and also anti-social elements in the country and it embodies the defeated forces of our 1971 war…

As a very long time keen political observer, I visited Naya Paltan areas on 28th October 2023 to see what was happening there for a declared peaceful rally of an illegally born political party and I stayed there for a long time, but to my complete surprise, I saw Jamaat-e-BNP leaders’ violent disorder and massive criminality throughout the day.

By making human chains, meetings, statements, et al, these unbridled entertainers – drawing cards are providing anti-Bangladesh sub-humans belonging to those anti-Bangladesh political entities with banquet blithely.

BNP, JeI and other small factions of political parties are so unblushing that they have not condemned Uncle Sam and their mango-twigs in public as yet for their so-called visa policy for Bangladesh. Purely, it is not America’s visa policy. Rather, we can clearly see that America in collusion with Jamaat-e-BNP and their mango-twigs are horrifying schemers to change present government by hook or by crook…US Embassy in Dhaka is the den of dreaded CIA, Peter Haas belongs to this ignoble killing squad. Jamaat-e-BNP people are our country’s bitter enemies and they are boot-lickers of the White House administration.

Elections will be held in 40 independent and sovereign countries around the world in 2024. Uncle Sam has no cephalalgia to fiddle with electoral issues in those countries!!! So why only Bangladesh will be the focus of their nuisance – pain in the neck?

Although Uncle Sam is a shrewd militant, we can easily understand their planned intention, i.e., they want Bangladesh to be their vassal state for their black gold geopolitical advantage. The generation of our people of 1971 is still alive and if we chase these black-guards, they will not find an escape route from Bangladesh that we won in 1971 in stupendous bloodshed.

The leadership of all those Civil society, NGOs… have ignominiously chosen to remain silent when Uncle Sam like a deft schemer which has been nerve-racking into the domestic affairs of an independent and sovereign country – Bangladesh.

Despite they know very well about the untitled role of America in 1971 when we were struggling life and death to establish Bangladesh, but as ill luck would have it, they are now mighty supporters of vicious America and their mango-twigs – BNP and JeI and standing ignominiously by them without questioning their own moral sense. They have also not yet excoriated Israel for committing indescribable war crimes in Gaza, Palestine. Because they are scared of their new guru Uncle Sam who is mighty patron of BNP and Jamaat-e-Islami like anti-Bangladesh liberation forces…

The major opposition political parties,’ otherwise known as anti-Bangladesh liberation forces plus neo anti-Bangladesh liberation forces bit by bit got themselves kicked downstairs because of their own fault-lines, because they were born unlawfully in Dhaka military cantonment…But still then, Bangladesh is in dire need of a solution, and a free and fair voting under the constitutional frame-work which is going to be held on 7 January, 2024. And all political parties should participate in the forthcoming national polls to keep-up the democratic system workable and for betterment of our country.

Here are for the following extremely unfortunate or dire consequences; bringing colossal ruins to the country by Jamaat-e-BNP, but those leaders of human chain meeting have kept themselves mumble-the-peg in full:

‘Bangladesh’s economy has been under pressure due to the ongoing political unrest centering the 7 January, 2024 parliamentary elections, according to economists and business leaders.

The current spell of blockades and hartals was launched by opposition BNP and its like-minded parties on 29 October, a day after their terrible rally at Naya Paltan was foiled by police because of their terrible dissembles. Police went into action after a police constable was beaten to death during the protests…

According to figures revealed by the FBCCI president, the financial losses from 20 days hartals and blockades (29 October to 20 November) stood at Tk1.30 lakh crore (Tk6,500 crore loss per day), in the overall economic sector of the country.

“The economy is losing Tk.6,500 crores a day because of the hartals and blockades,” said Mahbubul Alam, president of the Federation of Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FBCCI). “So, we repeatedly urged political parties in Bangladesh to avoid activities, which cause financial loss and create public sufferings,” he added.

Even though the campaign of hartals and blockades has failed to cripple the normal life, the unrest hit the transport sector hard, disrupted the transportation of goods resulting in price hikes.  But no sound against these malevolent forces belong to BNP and Jamaat by them! They have accepted all these singultus with lief!!

The transport owners said that the estimated financial loss suffered by the sector is around Tk.161 crore per day. Then in 20 days of hartals and blockades, the financial loss is estimated at around Tk.3,220 crore. Again…… Wowed! Impress greatly!!

The global buyers of Bangladesh or any other particular country get worried when instability breaks due to political or any other reasons. Then they divert their purchase orders and investment plans to more secured and stable areas.’

The world of Bangladesh shall not end up under Uncle Sam like a Beelzebub’s ‘Sword of Damocles’ on the tightrope pretexts of their so-called visa policy! Bangladesh is an independent and sovereign country which we attained at a very heavy price in 1971. Hartals, blockades, arsons, destruction of properties, terrible killing of people, et cetera, will only be devastation and the perpetrators will only get people’s wrath.

Then, what is the use of those NGOs, our Civil Society people and their mango-twigs? Since they are hugely funded mostly by EU countries, in other words, these EU nations are the exclusive vassal states of Uncle Sam. They conduct their operations strictly under the prescriptions jointly by those EU nations and their boss Uncle Sam. If they do not get any fatso cash-box from them, can you imagine what will be their lot?

Moreover, they do all these things very sweepingly without going deep down to the earth of both sides of standing postures, but they are unblushingly standing on the rib roast in a ragged uneven manner. So, people, in general, do not confide them!! (Postscript: I have been apolitical all throughout my 71 years of life and shall not do politics unto my death, but I shall strongly uphold our 1971 liberation war spirit till my death).

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