Poem: Dive Baby Dive

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by H. H. Albert

In the realm of international relations, where the currents of diplomacy meet the depths of strategic interests, one enigmatic figure emerges – Julie Jiyoon Chung. Born as Chung Ji-yoon, she has embarked on a journey as a US ambassador, navigating the murky waters of global affairs. But her recent visit to the captivating shores of Trincomalee adds a surreal twist to her tale. As she explores the mysterious depths of the ocean, the irony lies in the historical backdrop – the US expressing its interests in establishing a military base, a pursuit dating back to colonial times. In this poetic ode, we delve into the enigmatic persona of Julie Jiyoon Chung, blending sarcasm and deep contemplation to uncover the profound impact of her underwater diplomatic endeavours.

Oh, Julie Jiyoon Chung, the diplomat bold,

Whose quest for deep waters, a tale to be told,

In Trincomalee’s embrace, where mysteries unfold,

Yet veiled intentions of nations, stories of old.

Born Chung Ji-yoon, her path was not planned,

A twist of fate, life’s currents in hand,

From distant shores, she rose to command,

As an envoy of powers, in foreign lands.

With fins and tanks, she dove to explore,

The ocean’s depths, its secrets to implore,

But beneath the waves, history’s echoes roar,

For Trincomalee, a sought-after shore.

From colonial past to modern embrace,

The U.S. interests, a strategic chase,

In military base desires, they trace,

To leave a mark, a powerful place.

Yet irony dances with satirical flair,

A diplomat diving, to show they care,

When soldiers may tread upon shores so rare,

In the name of freedom, or just a snare?

Oh, Julie Jiyoon Chung, your mission concealed,

A deep-sea diplomat, with depths unrevealed,

In Trincomalee’s waters, the truth may be sealed,

As nations maneuver, their powers wield.

So let us ponder, with wry delight,

The spectacle unfolding, both day and night,

For history’s currents, like ocean’s might,

Can shape the world, and truth ignite.

As waves crash and recede on the shore,

The impact of actions, forevermore,

May Julie’s dive, in depths she’ll explore,

Unravel the tapestry, the tales galore.

And so, with sarcasm, we raise a toast,

To Julie Jiyoon Chung, our intriguing host,

May the waters she dives, reveal what’s engrossed,

In Trincomalee’s depths, where truths are enclosed.

Dive Baby dive

Before the flag with five stars in yellow appear

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