Exclusive: Profiling Azad Maulana – Exposing Channel4 Duplicity – Narrative 1

Our missive condemns the reckless and irresponsible actions of Channel 4 News employees who callously played with the emotions of numerous victims of the Easter Sunday bombings in 2019 in Sri Lanka.

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File photo of Azad Maulana when he was with TMVP [Photo: Special Arrangement]

From Sri Lanka Guardian Investigative Desk

In this exclusive series, we uncover the sinister facade of Muhammad Milhar Mohammed Hanseer also known as Azad Maulana, a notorious con artist who has callously duped countless innocent Tamils and Muslims, primarily within the Eastern Province, out of millions of rupees. According to reliable sources, Azad Maulana has amassed an income of nearly seven crore rupees, which he has stashed in one of his personal bank accounts at a private bank branch in Batticaloa, over a period of just four years.  

Astonishingly, this charlatan has now assumed the role of a whistleblower, purporting to expose the truth with a poorly substantiated and dubiously sourced documentary video, featuring narrations by Krishnan Guru-Murthy and produced by Ben de Pear, among other individuals associated with Channel 4, a British television channel.

The editorial team of Sri Lanka Guardian, an independent and volunteer-driven media organization, delivered an open letter to Sir Ian Michael Cheshire, Chairman of Channel 4 News. However, he remained silent, seemingly accepting the wrongdoings in the name of journalism. Our missive condemns the reckless and irresponsible actions of Channel 4 News employees who callously played with the emotions of numerous victims of the Easter Sunday bombings in 2019 in Sri Lanka. They cynically cherry-picked a select few individuals to rationalize their feeble attempts, leaving the victims bereft of justice.

Is it not the moral obligation of those who champion noble human qualities to acknowledge their transgressions against humanity, especially those who purport to be heralds of moral virtue? Can journalism truly operate beyond this noble truth? Regrettably, Channel 4 News persists in upholding the veiled intentions of these content creators. Is personal dignity not a matter of consequence anymore?

Hence, our resolve is unwavering; we shall persist in revealing the veritable truth behind this so-called whistleblower and the testimonies of those who have felt the sting of Azad Maulana’s deceit. What do these victims have to say about a man who has fled the country only to reappear in a damning video? 

Today, we present the poignant story of just one among the hundreds, if not thousands, of victims, ensnared in Azad Maulana’s web of fraud. ‘The victim filed a complaint with reference number CIB/152/95 at the Kalmunai police station, seeking justice,’ sources added.

Watch the video:

“I speak from Maradamuna. Azad Maulana said that he would give me jobs in the water supply board during his time there and took an amount of 20,0000 Sri Lankan rupee from me.

That money was given to him by mortgaging the gold belongings of my child and wife. He didn’t even give me the job. Didn’t even give money back.

“There are many people who were deceived by him, they are the people living in Maradamuna, Kalmunai and Sainthamaruthu areas. He is a big fraud, a person who earns money fraudulently said that he will provide jobs, took the money and ran away to a foreign country. He is making false claims to obtain citizenship of the country he is in now. I am the one who was deceived by him. There are many deceived people like me”

Our Note: Ben de Pear, the Channel 4 News Editor, authored a 222-page opus titled “Corrupted Journalism,” which he distributed to journalists attending the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Sri Lanka a few years ago. The irony, however, lies in the present, as this very book now casts a sardonic shadow upon its author, questioning the integrity of one who was once celebrated as an epitome of accuracy, independence, and impartiality in journalism. We earnestly beseech you to offer a copy of your “corrupt journalism” tome to your newfound whistleblower. Perhaps, in doing so, you may assist in redefining not only the concept of corruption but also the noble pursuit of whistleblowing itself.

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