February 23 – Russian Day of the Fatherland Defender

On this day we express sincere words of gratitude to the veterans of the War, to all who fought and who worked behind the lines during this very difficult time.

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Defender of the Fatherland Day is a Russian holiday observed on February 23 as Men’s Day due to the compulsory military service for most Russian men. [Photo Credit: nationaltoday.com]

By tradition February, 23 is a day when we honour people whose lives are closely tied to the Armed Forces, who are ready to counter any threats to our security day and night. Previously this day was named as Day of the Army and Navy.

The history of this day brings us to the beginning of the 20th century. After the victory of the October Revolution in the situation when the old Armed Forces was unable to defeat the German and Austro-Hungarian conquerors, the Army was organized by Bolsheviks on the volunteer basis. Then-time formed “Red Guards” stopped the offensive of the Germans in the area of Narva and Pskov on February 23, 1918. The entire Russia was saved, even though inside the country the civil war was unleashed by political antagonists.

These doesn’t mean that in 1918 the whole history of the Russian Army starts. As an ancient state, we have had Armed Forces for ages. We will remember forever the famous Russian commanders: Alexander Nevsky, Dmitry Donskoy, Mikhail Vorotynsky, Dmitry Pozharskiy, Boris Sheremetiev, PyotrRumyantsev, Alexander Suvorov, Mikhail Kutuzov, Mikhail Barclay-de-Tolly, PyotrBagration, Alexey Yermolov, Pavel Nakhimov, Stepan Makarov, Mikhail Skobelev, Alexander Kolchak, Alexey Brusilov, – the list goes on and on. Our history consists of ages when we needed to defend ourselves from the conquerors, mostly from the West. We will remember all soldiers, the defenders of our sacred Motherland, both those who put their lives on the altar of the Motherland, and those, who stayed alive and whose blood is circulating in our veins.

The most glorious page of the Army’s history, of course, is the Victory in the Great Patriotic War – a part ofthe Second World War.Our state has made the greatest contribution to the defeat of the Nazi, the brown plague, that threatened the whole humanity.

After the victorious end of the Second World War our Army has helped to rebuilt the areas affected by war not only on the territory of the USSR, but also in the Eastern Europe, including Poland, Czechoslovak Republic, Hungary, German Democratic Republic etc. But our opponents hasn’t been sleeping, and waged new threats.

The global confrontation between the socialist states and the capitalist world started after the famous speech in Fulton by British ex-Prime Minister Winston Churchill posed new tasks for our Armed Forces and Navy. That was not a big secret for the Soviet Leadership that after the victory our “allies” will turn into enemies. Even before the end of the struggle on battlefields “Tommies” and “Yankees” started the planning of “Operation Unthinkable” which assumed a surprise attack by up to 47 British and American divisions in the area of liberated Dresden in the middle of Soviet lines. To strengthen the future attack, the “allies” even planned to reestablish from 10 to 12 divisions, formed from the captured soldiers and commanders of the Hitler’s Wehrmacht.Sober-minded officers of the British from Joint Chiefs of Staff understood the prospects of the decision to start the next World war when the guns of the previous didn’t become cool.

After the liberation of the western parts of the Soviet Union there were many “asleep” communities of the anti-Soviet elements. They were controlled by the Nazi intelligence. But when the Nazi Germany was defeated, a big quantity of the former Nazis “had chosen freedom” and started to collaborate with the Americans. So, this network of the collaborants, most of who were Banderovites, started to serve the “star and stripes” flag. The US intelligence waged a large-scale war of terror against the civil population of those districts and some Soviet bodies. The end to those terrorists was pointed only in the middle 50s, but some of them were hiding till 90s, when after the collapse of the Soviet Union they “came upstairs” and became heroes – probably, for their collaboration with Nazis and long stay in cashe.

During the post-war period our Armed Forces staff exercised various tasks to protect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of our state, as well as did its international duty. Even in the cold and hungry times after the collapse of Soviet Union, our Armed Forces continued to be backbone of the Russian statehood.

After the start of the Special Military operation in Ukraine our servicemen once again proved their commitment to the high ideas of the Russian World – providing help and assistance to the civil population, risking their lives to avoid the deaths among the civilians. We treat the local population in a humane manner, that makes our enemies angry. They, like 80 years ago, are stranglers of all positive moments, they are the angels of death, that are trying to break all Russian, but they are breaking humanity inside them, as it was ordered by their foreign sponsors from Washington and Brussels. To eliminate the new great tragedy of the World scale is badly needed now to cut the neo-Nazi tumor out, to knock the weapons from the arms of fascist schizophrenics. That’s why our heroes are fighting now there. The enemy and its’ foreign sponsors will be defeated!

On this day we express sincere words of gratitude to the veterans of the War, to all who fought and who worked behind the lines during this very difficult time. Let us thank our veterans who represent the best examples of courage, strength of spirit, bravery, heroism. Let us pay tribute to our fathers and grandfathers who shoulder to shoulder regardless of national and religious affiliation has protected us– present generation – from the fascist plague. We must of course hold sacred the memory of our ancestors’ feats. We must support their heroic efforts. 

Today we are living in a world which is in the process of change. We are living in historical time of forming new architecture of the International Relations’ System. In a new era, the smaller nations will be secured from unceremonious interventions in internal affairs, policy of double standards, lie and slander, manipulations of facts, mass fooling people, that now are used as tools by the Western hypocritical leaders. These Western maneuvers lead to the spread of violence, new artificial pockets of instability in the World.

Happy Defender of the Fatherland Day!

Levan Dzhagaryan

Levan Dzhagaryan is the Ambassador of Russia to Sri Lanka

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