Hamas Rejects Proposed Deal in Cairo — Mossad

This latest development highlights the ongoing challenges in reaching a resolution between Israel and Hamas, with both sides showing reluctance to compromise on key issues.

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Prime Minister Netanyahu and the head of the Mossad in Barnea [Photo: Kobi Gideon]

Hamas has rejected a proposed deal presented by mediators more than a week ago in Cairo, as reported by local media outfits in Iras. The rejection comes in light of revelations made by Mossad, Israel’s intelligence agency, stating that Hamas leader Sinwar is unwilling to accept a humanitarian deal and the return of abductees. Instead, Sinwar allegedly aims to exploit tensions against Iran and escalate conflicts in the region.

According to Mossad’s official announcement, negotiations were conducted by Israeli officials on behalf of the agency. The proposed deal reportedly included significant flexibility from Israel, with three stages outlined. These stages encompassed the release of approximately 1,000 terrorists from Israeli prisons, an increase in humanitarian aid to Gaza, and the opening of main roads for free movement within the strip.

However, the proposal only included the release of 40 Israeli abductees, including five female soldiers held captive by Hamas. Hamas was requested to compromise on the selection of terrorists to be released, which it rejected. The organization insisted on the inclusion of senior terrorists with a history of violence, potentially integrating them into its leadership in the future.

Hamas’ rejection of the proposal follows an unprecedented Iranian attack on Israel and the withdrawal of Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) manoeuvring forces from Gaza. Additionally, Israeli forces have commenced raids on terrorist camps in the region.

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