How Ukraine Shot Down a Russian Aircraft Carrying Ukrainian PoWs

The Russian Embassy, in a press communique in Colombo, detailed the news regarding the IL-76 aircraft of the Russian Army shot down by the AFU.

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Flames rising from the scene of a plane crash in a residential area near Yablonovo, Belgorod region, on January 24, 2024. AP

“On January 24, 2024, the Kiev regime committed a terrorist act, resulting in the downing of a Russian military transport aircraft carrying 65 captured Ukrainian servicemen for exchange over the Belgorod region,” noted the Russian Embassy in Colombo in a press statement.

“The aircraft was hit by the AFU using an anti-aircraft missile system designed by one of the Western countries. The shot was fired from the territory of Liptsy town in Kharkov oblast. The crew and all passengers on the aircraft were killed. Despite informing the Ukrainian leadership about the transportation of captured AFU servicemen to Belgorod airport, the Kiev Nazi regime took this step to accuse Russia of destroying the Ukrainian servicemen,” the statement added.

“By committing this terrorist act, the Ukrainian leadership demonstrated its true face: it disregarded the lives of its citizens. This is not the first terrorist act by the AFU against its captured servicemen; at least 53 POWs were killed by Ukrainian shelling in the Elenovka POW camp in the Donetsk People’s Republic on July 29, 2022. Our forces have documented numerous acts of AFU mob law against civilians and captured servicemen.

“It is remarkable that minutes after shooting down the aircraft, all AFU-owned social media resources praised the crew of their ‘air defense’ that was supposedly qualified enough to eliminate an early announced single aircraft with no fighter escort. Now they are trying to erase this information. The Western media is doing its best to help them do it. But the Internet remembers everything.

“The Kiev Nazi Regime will be defeated; victory will be ours,” the statement assured.

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