Imam Khamenei Praises American Students for Defending Palestinians in Open Letter

"The apartheid Zionist regime's genocide today is a continuation of extreme oppressive behavior which has been ongoing for decades," Khamenei wrote

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Sayyid Ali Khamenei

Imam Khamenei has addressed a letter to American university students, commending their steadfast support for the Palestinian people amid the ongoing conflict in Gaza. The Supreme Leader’s message comes in light of the students’ vocal and courageous defense of the oppressed women and children of Gaza, highlighting their role in the broader Resistance Front against Zionist oppression.

In his letter, Imam Khamenei expressed profound empathy and solidarity with the students, applauding their efforts to stand on the right side of history. He described their actions as an “honorable struggle” against the U.S. government’s unyielding support for the Zionist regime, which he condemned for its ruthless oppression of the Palestinian nation.

“The apartheid Zionist regime’s genocide today is a continuation of extreme oppressive behavior which has been ongoing for decades,” Khamenei wrote, emphasizing the historical context of the conflict. He accused the Zionist regime of displacing and terrorizing Palestinians with the backing of Western powers, particularly the United States and Britain, and criticized these nations for their continued political, economic, and military support.

Imam Khamenei also addressed the labeling of the Palestinian Resistance as “terrorism” by the global Zionist elite, arguing that defending one’s land and people from occupation and violence is a fundamental right. He asserted that the portrayal of the Israeli regime’s actions as self-defense while condemning Palestinian self-defense as terrorism is a gross distortion of basic human concepts.

The letter underscored the growing strength and influence of the Resistance Front, which Khamenei noted had expanded significantly with the establishment of the Islamic Republic of Iran. He predicted a changing fate for the West Asian region, driven by an awakened global conscience and increasing support for the Palestinian cause.

Imam Khamenei acknowledged the solidarity shown by academics and the general public worldwide, including professors who have supported the students’ protests. He assured the students of his empathy and urged them to remain steadfast, drawing inspiration from the Quran’s teachings on justice and resistance against oppression.

“The Quran’s lesson for us Muslims and all of humanity is to stand up for that which is right: ‘So be steadfast as you have been commanded’ (11:112),” Khamenei wrote, concluding with a call for students to become familiar with the Quran and its guidance.

The letter highlights a significant moment of international solidarity and the growing movement among young people and intellectuals to support the Palestinian struggle for justice and self-determination.

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