“India Out” Kicks off in Sri Lanka?

Are Sri Lankans joining the Regional Uproar Over Alleged Indian Influence and Economic Encroachment, following the lead of Maldives and Bangladesh?

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Protest against Indian influence in front of Immigration and Emigration Department today in Colombo.

A widespread campaign against perceived Indian hegemony gains momentum in Sri Lanka, sparked by a contentious issue at the airport involving the delegation of visa issuance authority to a foreign entity, reportedly linked to India. The protest underscores deeper concerns about economic control and sovereignty, as demonstrators decry what they see as a pattern of Indian encroachment across strategic sectors of the Sri Lankan economy and state apparatus.

“We are not a slave of Indian hegemony,” one protester told the media. “We will continue this protest in very strong terms if the government does not take proper action,” she added.

Another protester articulated to the media, “As you can see, we are in front of the National Immigration Office here to protest against the decision to transfer the right of our state to issue visas to visiting foreigners, non-Sri Lankan citizens, through an Indian proxy campaign. We see this incident not as a standalone issue, but as an interconnected issue of the wider Indian efforts to take over strategic sectors of our economy and our state.”

Adding fuel to the fire, concerns are raised about political collaboration and economic exploitation. “Akhand Bharat never existed in history and it will never be. But nevertheless, our corrupt politicians in this government and also in the opposition who want to come to power with Indian help think if they cooperate with India, it will be easier for them to take over,” remarked another protester.

The sentiment is compounded by grievances over previous economic agreements and ventures perceived to favor Indian interests. “Already the Mattala airport has been given to Indian management. We see how the efforts have been taken to sign ECTA, an extremely draconian free trade agreement that serves the interest of the Indian state, but not the Sri Lankan populace or the Sri Lankan state,” highlighted a demonstrator.

Meanwhile, issuing a statement, the Indian High Commission in Colombo yesterday asserted that the foreign company involved does not belong to India, and its headquarters are not located in India. However, the statement did little to assuage concerns as the protest continues to escalate, prompting scrutiny of bilateral agreements and the broader geopolitical implications for Sri Lanka’s autonomy and national security.

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    • It is about time the citizens arose against the bribe taking 225 politicians who are selling our country, its assets and people to India and China

  1. We support your voice from Bangladesh and we also arise same voice from Bangladesh.

    #India out from every foreign country specially neighbours countries.
    #Boycott India

  2. All south Asian countries should make an alliance without India. It be based on education, culture, security and trades. Kick India out because they oppress all neighboring countries. They are like present “East India Company.”

  3. Expressing solidarity from London.
    We’re with you as we’ve also launched a dance movement INDIA OUT from Bangladesh and Boycott Indian Products to protest Indian hegimony and to stop political interference in Bangladesh.
    We’ve seized Indian High Commission in London and going to seize Indian Embassies and consulates worldwide.
    Please come and join in every action.
    Our unity will strong our voices to save our countries and its economy and sovereignty.

  4. I am from Bangladesh.
    India wants Fascism in its Neighbor counties so that they can control all the neighbors. India has destroyed our democracy, our election process.
    They want us to import from them only. But they don’t want our products to be exported in the India.
    India can’t be anyone’s friend, I think.

    Maldives, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka..all of us should boycott Indian products together.

  5. After Maldives, Nepal, and Bangladesh, Sri Lanka started a great movement to save their nation from a hazardous reptile. We all appreciated this call as India feigns like they are the ruler of the whole South Asia. India had better think rationally and start legitimacy to others.

    #IndiaOut #BoycottIndianProducts

    • Indian is a nation of 28 countries (states) like Europe, and growing faster economically.
      All the countries you have listed are bankrupted already
      We welcome India into Sri lanka

  6. Sri Lankans don’t blame India for all your ailments and debacles. If you people work hard instead of handing your daily life’s chores to crooked politicians every five years you won’t be in the mess you are in today. In fact you have become the laziest country in Asia looking for anything and and everything free. Wake up wake up before it’s too late and get your acts together. It will take Sri lanka a 100 years to reach the level of of progress India has made since its independence.

  7. All of Sri Lanka should hang their heads in shame for becoming the laziest nation in SE Asia and depending on loans and handouts to survive. If not for India’s intervention in your time of crisis you people would have died of starvation. Shoe some gratitude for next time you won’t be that lucky.

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