Indian Fishermen Ravage Jaffna Coast, Yet Again

Indian Trawlers Ravage Jaffna's Vethilakeni Beach, Inflict Massive Losses on Local Fishermen

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[Photo: Daily Mirror LK]

Fishermen in Jaffna’s Vadamarachchi East region are reeling from a clandestine assault by Indian fishermen who infiltrated the Vethilakeni beach, wreaking havoc and causing damages exceeding 30 lakh rupees. The assailants ruthlessly dismantled the net gear of four fishing boats, leaving local fishermen devastated.

Reports reveal that around 20 large Indian trawlers descended upon the area, outnumbering and overpowering the local fishing vessels. In the chaos that ensued, approximately 100 Indian fishermen perished while maliciously destroying nets, instilling fear among the Jaffna fishermen community.

The Jaffna Fishermen’s Associations condemn this brazen attack, emphasizing the crippling effect it has had on the fishing activities of the affected individuals. With their livelihoods jeopardized due to the obliteration of essential gear, urgent intervention is imperative.

The Nothern Fishermen’s Associations underscore the need for immediate governmental action to address the plight of northern fishermen. They call upon the Ministry of Fisheries to expedite compensation or provide vital net gear support to alleviate the suffering inflicted upon the impacted fishermen.

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