Is the CIA and Western Intelligence Losing Ground in Russia?

Unveiling the struggles and complexities of CIA and Western intelligence agencies in Russia, Director Bill Burns' recent speech raises doubts about their effectiveness.

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FSB Headquarters, Lubyanka Building, Downtown Moscow.

by Our Defence Affairs Editor

It is intriguing to see a man who possesses extensive knowledge of diplomacy and is well-equipped with intelligence resources take the stage and claims that his spy agency is succeeding in dismantling Russia. During the Ditchley annual lecture, U.S. Central Intelligence Agency Director William J. Burns (Bill Burns) drew a clear line between his true friends, enemies, and dubious partners. As a former diplomat and self-proclaimed author, Will is well-versed in Russian affairs. Many people believe that his strategies regarding Russia are effective, but a closer examination of his recent speech suggests otherwise. His remarks indicate that the CIA is not only facing challenges in Russia but that its operations are becoming increasingly complex.

According to Will, the CIA’s closest ally is the UK counterpart, MI6, along with the counterparts of Australia, Canada, and New Zealand, Five Eyes. However, what about France, Germany, and other EU countries? What about India or countries that have borne a significant burden during the so-called War on Terror campaign? Surprisingly, the Director of the CIA omitted these nations from his list or perhaps intentionally drew a line excluding them. In his speech, it becomes evident that the CIA considers China and Russia as its two major adversaries. However, Will asserts that the CIA has no involvement in the recently reported mutiny staged by the Wagner Mercenary Group in Russia. Can anyone on Earth believe this? Why would the CIA adamantly claim that they have no involvement whatsoever in the Russian mercenaries when it is confirmed that Will and other top officials often meet and consult with the Ukrainian President? In fact, Will was in Kyiv just a few days before the Wagner Mercenary Group incident.

The war in Ukraine is different; not only did the early assessment of Vladimir Putin regarding Russia go wrong but also prejudgment of the West, which is using Ukraine as a scapegoat. This war differs from all the other wars initiated by the US, from Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia to the Philippines. This war is different from the initiatives in Latin American nations like Chile, Argentina, and Bolivia. Cuba stands as an exceptional and miserable failure. In fact, without employing ruthless tactics such as sanctions, the US and its Western agenda have long been buried in many nations. Consider the horrific experiences that human civilizations have gone through due to this Western hegemony.

The continuous terror and horror in Africa and West Asia (commonly referred to by the West as the Middle East, which is an erroneous interpretation aimed at dividing and influencing the region) tell us one undeniable truth: the US and its Western allies do not desire a peaceful and prosperous world. That is why the US builds military bases and maintains detention sites to torture mere suspects who raise their voices against them. That is why they vehemently attack countries like China, which have shown the path of development to many nations where a majority of people lived below the poverty line. While the US builds military bases, China constructs ports and bridges to enhance connectivity. Yet, the US accuses China of being a villain while bombing those very bridges. This brings us back to Russia, the designated enemy of the West.

In his speech, Will states, ‘We’re not letting it go to waste. We recently used social media — our first video post to Telegram, in fact — to let brave Russians know how to contact us safely on the dark web. We had 2.5 million views in the first week, and we’re very much open for business.’ If the top spy agency was as successful as during the Cold War, where many KGB agents defected with ample secret information, why is the top spy openly pleading on a public platform for Russians to join the West? It is disheartening to hear that the CIA has resorted to opening social media channels, especially on the Russian-dominated Telegram, ‘to let brave Russians know how to contact [them] safely on the dark web.’ Furthermore, his statement, ‘we’re very much open for business,’ not only sounds weak but also suggests that the CIA and other Western intelligence agencies are failing miserably in Russia. His comments on China are no less concerning!

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