Joe for 2024: But what job? Ruining the USA completely?

Without naming a single achievement (which would, after all, be tough), he ends by vowing to “finish the job.”

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Following excerpts adapted from the editorial published in New York Post

Who announces a presidential campaign at dawn?

Joe Biden’s early-morning video was as vacuous as his 2020 basement campaign — and no doubt the one he plans for 2024.

The endless quick cuts and zippy soundtrack made it look like an appeal to the TikTok generation, except the narrator at 80 could barely get his words out (and how many takes did even that require?).

And that was when he wasn’t doing his weird “near-whisper to show I really mean it” schtick.

Specifics? We’ll get to the outright lies, but generally it was a vagueness about “freedom” and “rights.” In 2020, Donald Trump was the direct threat; now it is a horde of “MAGA extremists” who’re endangering the nation’s very soul that only SuperJoe can save.

From his bunker? Or from the vacations where he’s spent a quarter of his presidency?

Without naming a single achievement (which would, after all, be tough), he ends by vowing to “finish the job.”

But what job? Ruining the country completely?

He’s already set record lows for facing the press, because his aides (rightly!) fear he’ll say something disastrous if allowed to go off-script.

His constant gaffes, garbled speech, mistruths, and ever-fading link with reality have only confirmed that he’s not fit to be the leader of the free world.

He bizarrely, falsely claims to know what it’s like to have had “a house burn down with my wife in it” and to have been arrested as a civil-rights activist.

He was raised in practically every racial or ethnic community there is.

His bigger lies are worse: His botched Afghanistan pullout was an unprecedented “success.”

Inflation would be temporary.

The crisis at the border was merely seasonal.

Biden lies to himself, too: He actually thinks he’s done a great job and the nation needs him to save it from Donald Trump — though Trump is likely the only GOP foe he can beat.

He’ll never admit his age disqualifies him.

And his handlers won’t, either, because they’re happily wielding the real power.

Americans see the problem: Some 70% of them, including more than half of Democrats, don’t want him to run per last month’s Yahoo News/YouGov poll (and matching every other poll).

In February, an AP-NORC poll found just 12% of Democrats thought Biden should be the party’s leader.

And 59% called him “too old to work in government,” per Reuters/Ipsos.

Yet this seemingly senile, ethically challenged octogenarian with a disastrous record and a horrific 54% disapproval rating is likely the best Dems can field.

As Rich Lowry notes, Biden’s general fecklessness makes him seem unthreatening — and thus excellent cover for his administration’s insanely left-wing policies.

So the party’s clearing the way for him, rearranging the primaries to avoid a dangerous surprise in Iowa or New Hampshire and so far not even scheduling any Democratic debates.

Yes, he’s so weak that mystic Marianne Williamson or crank RFK Jr. could show him up.

The “Weekend at Bernie’s” campaign is officially underway.

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