Leaked Files Suggest British Involvement in Latest Kerch Bridge Strike

The recent predawn assault on the Kerch Bridge on July 16 resulted in the death of two civilians and injuries to a 14-year-old.

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The bridge has been reopened to rail and light road traffic [REUTERS/MAXAR]

An explosive report from independent media outlet GrayZone has exposed a potential hidden British hand in the recent attack on the Kerch Bridge, which connects Crimea with mainland Russia. Leaked documents point to collaboration between British intelligence freelancers and Ukraine’s Security Service (SBU) in plotting the destruction of the bridge, as well as potentially assisting in the hunt for alleged collaborators.

The recent predawn assault on the Kerch Bridge on July 16 resulted in the death of two civilians and injuries to a 14-year-old. Russian President Vladimir Putin accused Ukraine of being responsible, while Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s advisors hinted at their country’s culpability.

This is not the first attempt to destroy the Kerch Bridge, as a suicide attack on October 8th, 2022, caused significant damage and casualties, leaving the vehicular crossing closed until February of the following year.

According to GrayZone’s previous revelations, a group of British military-intelligence freelancers, at the request of senior intelligence operative Chris Donnelly, had devised detailed plans for destroying the bridge several months before the attacks. This group managed London’s involvement in the proxy war with the SBU’s Odessa branch.

In the aftermath of the first attack, Ukrainian officials initially claimed it was a Russian false flag operation, but in May this year, SBU Chief Vasyl Maliuk admitted the agency’s involvement in the attack, using an unwitting truck driver as a suicide bomber.

The latest leaked files now suggest that the SBU may have used unmanned submarines to target the bridge in the recent attack. The documents, previously revealed by GrayZone, indicate that Prevail Partners, acting as a cutout, trained a secret Ukrainian partisan army to conduct terror attacks targeting Russian territory, including the Kerch Bridge.

GrayZone’s report raises serious questions about the potential involvement of British intelligence freelancers in Ukraine’s violent political purge against accused collaborators. The leaked files show Prevail and Thomas in Winslow (TIW) collaborated with the Odessa SBU to support their war effort and address the SBU’s “urgent operational requirements.”

The situation in Ukraine has been marked by thousands of cases opened against individuals suspected of collaboration with Russia. A UN Human Rights High Commissioner report highlighted 500 guilty verdicts, with detainees subjected to arbitrary detention and brutal torture. Notably, the report did not mention the summary murder of collaborators, despite evidence of such acts being documented on social media.

The leaked files suggest that Prevail and TIW may have provided support in identifying and locating suspects, possibly participating in Ukraine’s violent campaign against alleged collaborators.

As this complex and troubling situation continues, the leaked documents have opened a window into the potential involvement of British intelligence freelancers in the conflict, prompting concerns about the consequences of these actions and their impact on civilian lives.

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