New Nepal President: Indian choice to prevail finally

India wants to Sikkimise Nepal well within five year term of Nepal’s new President. So the search in earnest has been going since two months or so. The goal set is for 2030.

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Indian and Nepali national flags [ File Photo]

by N. P. Upadhyaya (Aryal)

Biratnagar: It has rightly been said by commentators that “if India is your next door neighbour, then you don’t need to invite enemy from abroad”.

The words of wisdom has begun circulating in Kathmandu’s political circuit with the forceful arrival of the Indian Viceroy, Foreign Secretary Binaya Mohan Quatra” to Kathmandu last week.

Hardly had he stayed two days in Nepal, however, he accomplished tasks that were of India’s prime interests.

The senior clerk from India met with all the key players in Nepal in his short stay.

He behaved as if he were the Nepal King sent from India.

He has direct access even at Nepal’s President’s palace.

Even a tom-dick and harry from India is taken as “Almighty” in Nepal.

Conversely, Nepal Ambassador posted in Delhi even can’t meet the foreign ministry peon. Ask Ambassador Nilambar Acharya as to how he was treated in India?

This explains the Nepali status in India and yet RAW agents in Nepal eulogize India?

Shame on “India’s choukidars” as reiterated by Indian nationals.

And the interest being this time around was to find one Nepali Lendup Dorje who could assist India’s bid for Sikkimisation of Nepal sooner than later. The search is in speed as the time left for the Presidential election is approaching fast.

Indian activities though seemingly began right with the “special dictatorial meet” of an India funded media “Guru” with the Kathmandu RAW Chief, Mr. Raghav Bhatnagar as reported and authenticated by a vernacular weekly (Wednesdayer), but our own source claims that in the recent days and weeks, several Indian leaders (of third grade as well) and high ranking RAW men from Delhi have sneaked in Kathmandu and met those who were the “movers and shakers” of Nepali politics.

Some even claim that the RAW central Chief Mr. Samantha Kumar Goyal himself landed in Kathmandu some ten days ago and returned back to Delhi upon meeting and “instructing” the India nourished current Prime Minister P. K. Dahal.

For the RAW men, Nepal and its leaders were mere “loyal servants”.

Needless to say, PM Dahal is the same person who acted as Indian proxy during the India designed and funded Nepal’s Maoists War. He is yet India’s man, say high placed sources.

It was this senseless war waged by two Nepali nationals on their own motherland Nepal under the dictates of India which had long time back trained and indoctrinated these two “Nepali nationals” to work for India.

Back to the point:

Nepal is all set to have a new President for a five year term.

The competing powers in Kathmandu, for example, China, the US and India wish to install such a political man who could remain “over sympathetic” towards the country which has made strenuous efforts to install him or her.
However, chances remain fair that in the race in between the US, China and India, the Indian choice may finally emerge with flying colors.

India needs Nepali traitors who could act like Lendhup Dorje for “obvious reasons”.

India has to prevail in Nepal or else the RAW funding in billions will go in vain.

Every third man in Kathmandu’s political and media circuit works for India as he is “on salary”.

Or it could be that a name could be preferred both by India and the US who has strong commitment to the Indo-US lobby and its activities that are yet to be known to Nepali people.

Or it could be only a single name (in India’s dictated consensus) who could be declared as new Nepal President.
Why the US or for that matter China are in the race is not known, however, what is clear and well understood fact is that India wants a committed ‘Lendhup Dorje’ who could excel even the Sikkkimi traitor Dorje who in effect assisted Madame Indira Gandhi in facilitating the Indian republic to annex the independent and sovereign Sikkim in the mid seventies.

Thanks God, Nepal has traitors galore.

The secret arrival of the RAW Chief Mr. S.K Goyal and the Indian foreign secretary B. M. Quatra was for “dictating” the name(s) of the new Nepal President of Indian choice and preferences.

Most of the current Nepali leaders worship RAW Chief as a “deity”.

The names RAW and Indian FS forwarded as per Nepal’s social media, are Devendra Raj Pandey, Anuradha Koirala, Daman Nath Dhungana, and Professor Lok Raj Baral.

Needless to say, all the four good names were tentatively India’s committed men.

Krishna Prasad Sitaula, Mahanta Thakur, however, could be the best choice for India for obvious reasons?

Sitaula is the one who assisted India in deposing King Gyanendra.

Some even opine that these “four damaged diamonds” as forwarded by RAW have never remained true to mother Nepal but instead supported India when the latter encroached upon Nepali landmass here and there.

For them, “Mera Bharat Mahan” is the best “song”.

This speaks of it all as to how the upcoming President will serve India during his or her tenure if it is of Indian preferences and imposition.

Frankly speaking, India needs an thoroughly India bend man (close to Mera Bharat Mahan) with Nepali citizenship certificate in order to get through the “Citizenship Bill” that shall in all likelihood be tabled in the impending session.
When the Kings of Nepal denied the Citizenship bills, the institution itself was dismantled.

The idea is to overwhelm Nepal with Indian immigrants and capture Nepal.

And with the new President in Nepal, if and when of Indian choice, Sikkimisation of Nepal is guaranteed.
The new Nepal President shall preside over Sikkimisation Nepal”.

However, yet another name is floating in the Kathmandu’s political market and he is Madhav Kumar Nepal.

As the rumors go, Mr. Nepal’s daughter got a free MBBS scholarship from the Indian embassy. He was hand in glove with the Maoists insurgency and used to meet insurgents in Delhi under Delhi’s instructions.

KP Oli too has forwarded the name of his former UML colleague. This has “meaning” underneath.

Oli is talked to be excessively close to RAW boss, Mr. S. K. Goyal.

Mr. Nepal is also the one former UML leader who wished to invite Indian military men to “tame King Birendra” in the early 90s.

This event speaks of his love and honor for Nepal?

Fresh news says that Mr. Madhav Nepal could be a “consensus” candidate for Nepal President which means that RAW has already finalized Mr. Nepal as new Nepal President.

Critics of Mr. Nepal claim that Mr. Nepal was born in India and thinks of India only round the clock.

However, late Madan Bhandari objected to Mr. Nepal’s anti-national proposal but Mr. Nepal prefers yet to serve the country of his “choice”.

Likewise, senior Nepali Congress leader Ram Chandra Poudel, who is also in the Presidential race too enjoyed the free MBBS scholarship from the Indian embassy for his daughter.

This was in the rumor then some two decades ago.

If Nepali Congress picks Poudel, then it should mean that he is Indian choice.

Thus whosoever from among these face are elevated as new Nepal President will for sure make it’s a point to primarily serve the Indian interests well as much as the sitting Indian Prime Minister Modi has commitment to serve India.

The goal is to Sikkimise Nepal.

The US has also its favorite and thus, as rumors say, the flurry of US key officials to Kathmandu which, as talked, was to make sure a political personality in Nepal who has a clear and distinct US curvature and expectedly work to enhance the US designed mega Project-the MCC ( Millennium Corporation).

The US too has increased its diplomatic activities in Nepal of late which is being contested by some media men belonging to the Indian coterie.

Yet another Indian funded Daily also in the recent days questioned the very intent of the arrivals of the US officials in Kathmandu.

A high placed source says that the US has of late tried its best to influence Nepali politics with the ‘purposeful’ visit first by Victoria Nuland, Samantha Power and in the recent days Afreen Akhtar.

All these three lady US personnel reportedly landed in Kathmandu to “drum up support” for the person of their liking for the Nepal President Post.

Jutta Urpilainnen-the European Union Commissioner for International Partnership, Andrew Morrison from the United Kingdom and the just arrived German Parliamentary delegation in Kathmandu, all presumably have come here to add to the strength of the US choice for Nepal President.

Most interestingly, South Korea too is talked to be adding weight to the choice of the Western countries.

China too is in the race with its “defeated diplomacy” and its Kathmandu based envoy Chen Song too could be seen meeting Nepali key leaders to impress upon them in order to “guarantee” a Nepal President with a communist-curve.

Chen met PM Dahal, KP Oli and Maadhav Nepal so that a communist man occupies the Presidential Chair.
Chinese envoy even invited PM Dahal to attend to the BOAO conference in China.

This does tell that the US and the Western countries would ensure that a non-communist and a visible China hater political man for Nepal President as against China’s preference.

Thus the race is in between the US, EU and UK versus China.

Needless to say, of all in the race, the one who is to emerge with flying colors is “India” and its proxy as Nepal President for five years.

India needs an Indo-pendent Nepali national who ensures the Sikkimisation of Nepal.

The target set by India for the Sikkimisation of Nepal is by early 2030.

India wishes to catapult the Nepali demographic structure and ensure Sikkimisation of Nepal.

To recall, Indira Gandhi had calculated Nepal’s Sikkimisation to be completed by 2015. However, with her

coldhearted death in 1984 October, the RAW plans were presumably shifted.

What is more than stunning is that a bogus Indian Professor Sukha Deo Muni-a self proclaimed Nepal expert, too has floated four names presumably with the RAW instructions.

SD Muni’s choice equals to RAW choice.

The names are, as said earlier, Mr. Pandey, Dhungana, Mrs. Koirala and Professor L.R Baral.

Strong rumors say that Mrs. Koirala is an Indian national and she has acquired a fake Nepali citizenship certificate.
Their contributions to mother Nepal, if any in notice ever, is that they have never taken a firm stand as and when India pounces upon Nepal. It was perhaps this “favor” that elevated Professor Lok Raj Baral to get Ambassadorial post in Delhi long time back.

A Sri Lankan scholar talked about Ambassador Baral that “Professor Baral is so sweet that he keeps on saying that “India can do no wrong”.

India needs a devoted and loyal from Nepal who could act like a “horse” for India.

Whosoever gets the plum post, is India’s trusted man and conversely for Nepal and its people he is a new Lendhup Dorje a la Sikkim.

The imposition of economic blockades by India on Nepal is a moment for celebration for these India’s “beloved ones”.

These political men dubbed as pro-India elements instead say that “Nepal must not have teased India”.

Some even say that Nepal should ask apology.

No wonder the names forward by the Indian Foreign Secretary Quatra during his fresh Nepal visit tallies verbatim with the names suggested by the father of Nepal’s Maoists insurgency-Professor SD Muni.

Professor Muni keeps on intervening Nepali politics at regular intervals.

People in Nepal love to hate Professor Muni.

To recall, Professor Muni was the one who took the initiative for a secret meet of the then Indian Prime Minister Atal Bihari Bajpaye with the Delhi hiding Nepal Maoists leaders, Comrade Prachanda and Dr. B. R. Bhattarai.
PM Vajpayee was a declared “Nepal hater”.

Authentic reports have it that Nepal Maoists leaders while meeting the Indian Prime Minister Bajpaye gave word to the Indian PM that their “insurgency” will devastate Nepal and conversely pose no harm to the prime security interests of India.

Professor Muni arranged this exclusive meet with the Indian PM through Brajesh Mishra-the then National Security Advisor to Indian PM.

The security pact in between Nepal’s Maoists and the Indian government was reportedly signed on June 6, 2002.
The fresh visit of Indian Foreign Secretary Quatra was, as is being interpreted, to remind the Nepal Maoists leaders to “act upon” what they had assured and promised to the Indian government while being in India and under that too Indian government’s protection.

What the Nepal Maoists leaders’ have had committed to the Indian government then is not known but could be anybody’s guess.

Concluding remarks:

When the Nepali State is weak, India pounces upon Nepal from all possible quarters.

Needless to say, whosoever is new Nepal’s President, he will be an India recognized, trained and submissive man ready to work for the “preservation” of the Indian interests in Nepal round the clock.

China has now reasons to lament and repent for having assisted the Indian regime in dismantling the Nepali monarchy in the year 2006-8.

China is alone in Kathmandu. In fact China is not a reliable partner of Nepal. With the Nepali monarchy gone, China has lost its recognized and trusted friend in Nepal. China must feel the “pain”.

Nepal is at the moment so weak that even a redundant and repulsive Indian Professor floats and dictates some names to be appointed as new Nepal President.

And the tragedy is that “the Face book nationalists” of Nepal are deriding the Professor who just wanted to have an India friendly Nepal President. Frankly speaking Professor Muni is not at fault. He is serving his mother India. Indian nationals are “nationalist”.

That’s all.

Courtesy: © 2023 Telegraph Nepal

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