Nuland’s Diplomacy: The Banalization of Monstrosity

Nuland's interference in Sri Lanka's internal affairs has the potential to create instability in the country. Therefore, we urge Nuland to keep Sri Lanka out of her barbaric agenda.

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Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland testifies before a Senate Foreign Relation Committee hearing on Ukraine on March 08, 2022 in Washington, DC. [Photo Credit: Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images]

by Our Diplomatic Affairs Editor

“Diplomacy is a noble profession, requiring a deep commitment to peace, justice, and human rights, as well as a willingness to work tirelessly for the good of all people.” – Dag Hammarskjöld (Former Secretary-General of the United Nations)

Victoria Nuland, the undersecretary of state for political affairs in the United States, has been criticized for interfering in the internal affairs of Sri Lanka. Her statements and actions have been perceived by many Sri Lankans as an infringement on their sovereignty and an attempt to dictate their country’s internal affairs. Yesterday, we reported that Nuland is allegedly plotting to destabilize the Indo-Pacific region, drawing comparisons to her actions in Ukraine. In this short take, let us examine the reasons why Victoria Nuland must stop interfering in Sri Lanka’s internal affairs.

Firstly, Sri Lanka is a sovereign nation, and as such, it has the right to determine its internal affairs without external interference. Nuland’s actions have been seen by many Sri Lankans as an attempt to dictate their country’s internal affairs.

Secondly, Nuland’s statements on the human rights situation in Sri Lanka have been criticized for being biased and selective. Sri Lanka has made significant progress in the areas of human rights, national reconciliation, and peacebuilding since the end of the country’s civil war in 2009. However, Nuland’s statements have largely ignored these positive developments and focused on the negative aspects of Sri Lanka’s human rights situation. This one-sided approach has been seen as unfair and unhelpful to Sri Lanka’s progress.

Thirdly, Nuland’s interference in Sri Lanka’s internal affairs has the potential to create instability in the country. Sri Lanka is still recovering from the effects of the civil war, and the last thing it needs is external interference that could destabilize the country. Nuland’s statements have been seen by some as an attempt to stir up unrest and create division within Sri Lanka.

Fourthly, Nuland’s interference could harm Sri Lanka’s economic development. Sri Lanka is a developing country that relies heavily on foreign investment and aid to develop its economy. External interference in Sri Lanka’s internal affairs could harm the country’s prospects for economic growth and development.

Needless to say, Victoria Nuland’s track record as a career diplomat has been controversial due to her perceived advocacy of aggressive responses to gain her desires through cynical manipulation. During her time as Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs under the Obama administration, she was known for her involvement in the 2014 Ukrainian revolution and her support for the pro-Western government that came to power as a result.

Nuland’s involvement in the Ukrainian so-called colour revolution was controversial because it was seen as US interference in the internal affairs of Ukraine. She was caught on tape during a phone call with the US ambassador to Ukraine discussing who should be in the new government and explicitly stating “F*** the EU” when discussing the EU’s role in the crisis. This led to accusations that the US was meddling in Ukrainian politics, which fueled tensions between Russia and the West and contributed to the ongoing conflict in eastern Ukraine.

In this context, Victoria Nuland’s interference in Sri Lanka’s internal affairs must stop. Sri Lanka is a sovereign nation that has the right to determine its internal affairs without external interference. Nuland’s biased and selective statements on Sri Lanka’s human rights situation and using Sri Lanka to attack China to satisfy her warmongering psyche have created resentment and tension between communities. Her interference also has the potential to create instability in the country and harm Sri Lanka’s economic development. The United States should respect Sri Lanka’s sovereignty and work with the country in a spirit of cooperation and mutual respect.

“Nuland has a track record of instigating conflicts among unarmed people and shows little regard for peace. We are not surprised that her mockery of Sri Lanka will create a series of nightmares. Sri Lanka is already grappling with its own crises and does not want to become a vassal state of foreign interests. What we need is genuine diplomats, not opportunists. As former Secretary General of NATO, Javier Solana, aptly noted, diplomats must be able to navigate complex political and cultural environments, and build bridges of understanding and cooperation between different nations and peoples. Nuland is exhibiting behaviour that is quite contradictory to the norms of diplomacy. Therefore, we urge Nuland to keep Sri Lanka out of her barbaric agenda.

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  1. Nuland is the administrative tool of her husband arch-Neo-Con Robert Kagan, and his extended family of ideologues. The term Neo-Con is very misleading, they created it for public relations purpose. They are better called Neo-Straussians, because they are the Jewish disciples of Jewish academic Leo Strauss. Strauss was obsessed with Jewish security, and argued the only way to avoid another persecution such as in Nazi Germany was to have a ‘Jewish Dictatorship’ in governance. The Neo-Cons absorbed this ideology and put it into practice, on basis of US power being the tool needed to achieve their broader goals. They are fixated on security for Israel and have used all US hard power, soft power and resources in pursuit of this aim – including launching direct and indirect wars across middle east for last two decades – Iraq 2.0/Libya/Syria. That primary sought to benefit regional security of Israel. The Neo-Cons have a second ideological fixation – Russo-phobia. Why? Because over a century ago their grandparents resided in the Tsarist Empire, mostly in Ukraine! The minority Jewish population in Ukrainian city of Odessa launched a violent attempt to seize control of the city in 1905. They had smuggled in new semi-auto weapons bought in Germany, and outgunned the city’s Tsarist police. It was a very violent episode, and the Tsarist reinforcements eventually put down the insurrection. Many Odessa Jews fled afterwards – migrating away – many ended up in North America. Their grandchildren – the core Jewish Neo-Con cabal in US – are obsessed with revenge over these events, from well over a century ago! In these Jewish immigrant families they generationally pass down the message that Russia is their eternal enemy! This is who they are – they are obsessive ideologues driven by own fixations around their Jewish identities and insecurities, but they sell this agenda to US public as”US strategic security’ – when in fact their agenda has repeatably harmed authentic US security and national interests.

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