Pakistan: How Neo-Colonial Leaders Stabbed the Nation?

At the moment, a few Generals and their accomplices Sharif brothers and Zardari are bent on destroying public thoughts and vision for political change, reformation and organizing free and fair elections.

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The Nation Lost its Credibility and Strategic Direction

Pakistan’s Neo-colonial elite continued to ruthlessly purge any public dissent against the most hated and most feared ones. The British Raj debacles are hidden in the new freedom of the few against many. Reflecting on the current political fault lines originating from Pakistan, one could pinpoint the unrestrained egoistic political drive to domination as the major source of evil. Rationally speaking, honesty, piety, evil and moral values are not the ingredients of the Nature of Things but essentially shapes, forms and practices of human behaviour. Pakistan and all other Asian and African nations colonized by the British, French and other Europeans remain colonized in thoughts, systems and institutions.

British by design failed to deliver the truth of national freedom to Pakistan and India in a universal spirit of political responsibility. Pakistan fell victim to political conspiracies and military interventions losing its ideological originality and intellectual capacity for nation-building, a new system of political governance and independent future-making. Lacking truth and trust in their plans and policies, the Pakistani neocolonial elite arrested Imran Khan, the former Prime Minister and jailed him on fictitious political charges aimed at depriving the nation of a free and fair election. Within one year there are reported to be 150 political geared cases registered against Imran Khan. Their actions represent desperate political absolutism submerging Pakistan into a highly uncivilized and destabilized nation of the few former landlords patronized by foreign Masters.

Violent assumptions of freedom plagued with tyranny and corruption reassure the foreign Masters of continuing financial and military support to the Army, the Civil Service and systems of political governance for their allegiance to British imperialism now replaced by American political hegemony, US-AID and military domination. This institutionalized betrayal and deception is nothing new to the cause of national freedom. The Europeans subjugated the masses to “divide and rule” and viewed the ‘subjects’ as unequal less than human beings at the ballot box or to stand beside the colonial Masters.

When the US occupied Afghanistan in 2001, Pakistani Generals according to the NY Times (May 18, 2007), were paid by the US to act on its behalf – abduction and killing of thousands of Pakistani and Afghani nationals to fill Guantanamo Bay Prison. Nobody knows why Musharraf now dead enthroned 200 new Generals; why he put the Chief Justice under house arrest; why Dr. Afia Siddiqi was sold to the US and how he and 12 others spent alleged 2B bribe dollars given by George W. Bush for help to bomb and destroy Afghanistan.

Why Imran Khan was arrested again and Jailed?

Evil has its power and evil mongers expose their frustration, tyranny and repression by haunting Khan and his supporters. Imran Khan is the leading democratic party leader favoured by the people. In April 2022, in a coup-like political game changer operation at the Assembly, a few of the Generals led by Bajwa installed highly controversial and criminally indicted figures like Shahbaz Sharif, Bhutto, and others to please the US and its vested strategic interest in South West Asia.

Imran Khan, a new-generation educated person wanted to opt for political changes in Pakistan’s external relations and reshape Pakistan’s exclusive reliance on the US towards a more balanced relationship with Russia, China and other Middle Eastern nations. His PTI party alleges American intervention in the political coup against him and removal from office. Strangely enough, often Khan spoke of political changes but missed the reality in policies and practices.

Was Khan so naive about his own plans and weak political and intellectual strength to be removed from office undemocratically by his opponents? Few of the Generals and Sharif brothers feared that Imran Khan could return to power and hold them responsible for corruption, looting of the treasury and egoistic political belligerency. If Imran Khan was conscientious and acted diligently, he could have called an early election to undo the political conspiracy. Was he misinformed by some of his own dubious party stakeholders?

In “Pakistan Leaders or Criminals”, you will discover how Bhuttos, Zardari, Sharifs and General Musharaf – these thugs stole billions and billions to own properties in UK, France and Spain. The Thinking People of the New Generation view them as the most corrupt, crime-riddled monsters who will never come to terms with reason and honesty to reflect on their own wrongdoings. They never imagined–how the present and future generations will remember them.

Comparatively, Imran Khan had about four years of uncorrupted politics. He did not kill anybody nor rob any banks and was keen to have legal accountability for the stolen wealth and political killings. But political governance was infested with corrupt figures of the past. He needed educated people of new ideas and ideals to devise strategic action plans for political change. Perhaps Imran Khan had the vision for a new Pakistan but he failed to materialize its manifestations.

If an individual has the natural gift of Faith, Reason and Reality, he/she can counteract the false force of exploitation and intellectual subjugation and rediscover the individual consciousness of the human spirit and body to be an important force of change and reconstruction of the societal hubs. While political cynicism is endemic, Pakistani masses view Imran Khan – an outsider of corrupt politics with great deal of optimism and integrity, and hope for a new beginning, free of political corruption paving opportunities for sustainable change. Khan and his PTI supporters allege that a few Generals and Shahbaz Sharif were involved in his assassination attempt during a march to Islamabad.

For Nation-building, Few Generals, Sharifs and the Masses live in Conflicting Time Zones

The Generals, Sharif brothers and Bhuttos were not part of the Pakistan freedom movement, they have no relationship to the imperatives of Islam, the ideology of Pakistan or its future-making. They are fast becoming a liability on the conscience of an educated and intelligent new generation of Pakistanis for change and adaptability to a sustainable future. The nation-building needs people of new ideas and honesty and proactive vision, not the Generals, not the Sharifs or Zaradri – the indicted criminals and known thugs.

Pakistan is fast becoming a dead-ended entity of moral, political and intellectual landscape. Truthtelling is maligned and persecuted by the ruling elite. British changed the sub-continent in 90 years, but Pakistan after 75 years has no viable system of political governance. Its home-grown enemies and traitors like ZA Bhutto, Ms. Bhutto, General Yahya Khan, Zardari, Sharifs and General Musharraf were more harmful than foreign enemies. These impostors are seen as scum floating on a torrent. Pakistan lives in limbo with a missing legitimate system of political governance and accountability and a system of law and justice.

Pakistan lost its natural capacity for change and progress under the military dictators and continuous martial laws with missing public institutions of knowledge and participation, hope for a navigational change and democratic values ruptured forever.

Nations cease to exist when educated people of new generations who could have replaced the old and redundant guards leave the country and never return to build the nation. Young educated generations embark on migrating to Europe or America and never come back. It is an irresistible necessity of time and truth that those in power must be warned and listen to voices of reason and political necessity for change and truth for restraint and civilized behaviour. Tyranny of any kind is always powerless and transitory and it must end for the beleaguered masses of Pakistan.

At the moment, a few Generals and their accomplices Sharif brothers and Zardari are bent on destroying public thoughts and vision for political change, reformation and organizing free and fair elections. They have acted dogmatically and vengefully to imprison Imran Khan. The masses and history will haunt them for inescapable accountability. If the Generals and their accomplices thugs and indicted criminals do not listen to the voices of reason for a free election and continue to perpetuate classical military control, We, the People and history will judge them by their actions, not by their claims.

Mahboob A. Khawaja

Dr. Mahboob A. Khawaja specializes in international affairs-global security, peace and conflict resolution with keen interests in Islamic-Western comparative cultures and civilizations, and author of several publications including the latest: One Humanity and the Remaking of Global Peace, Security and Conflict Resolution. Germany

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