Pakistan in Search of New Life

The tumultuous intersection of politics and military influence in Pakistan raises questions about the nation's future and the need for more enlightened leadership.

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Pakistani armed forces soldiers march past during the Pakistan Day military parade in Islamabad on March 23, 2018. [ Photo Credit: AFP PHOTO / AAMIR QURESHI]

The militarization of a nation represents the ruthless purging of its intellectual hubs, aspirations, and its moral and intellectual capacity to adapt and envision a sustainable future. Are the Pakistani Generals reminiscent of the historic European “Razor King,” driven solely by self-interest and a narrow, aggressive mindset that perpetuates violence and aggressive actions against legitimate political activism? Unaware and incapable of grasping the demands of the times and the lessons of history, they are complicit in emerging catastrophic events that are destabilizing the country.

For nearly six decades, Pakistan has suffered under military dictators and martial law, depriving the new generation of educated and intelligent individuals of the opportunity to participate in political governance and nation-building, hindering the path to a prosperous future. Nations dependent on “US-AID” often suffer from systemic corruption and degeneration, with no clear promising future. Their plans could be seen as detrimental to national interests, ultimately resulting in the realization of evil intentions, even if it means stopping Imran Khan by any means possible.

Some Pakistani Generals, in collusion with others, seem to be driven by an unbridled mental sickness that views Imran Khan (Tehreek-e-Insaf Pakistan – “Justice Party”) as a threat to their survival, aiming to eliminate him through fair or foul means. Imran Khan’s arrest reveals an unwarranted and fraudulent scheme orchestrated by the Sharif brothers and a few Generals to divert attention from their own scandalous corruption. It is the result of individualistic political animosities. Some Generals perceive the new generation of educated and intelligent Pakistanis as a challenge to their authoritarian rule, fearing they may lead the country towards self-destruction.

The Pakistani Generals, claiming to be wise, have proven to be egotistical and foolish, merely obeying their own master. If they ever had credibility, it is now lost, and they are viewed with disdain, much like the Sharifs, Bhuttos, Zardari, and the late Musharraf. Shahbaz Sharif and a few Generals wasted 16 months doing nothing beneficial for the nation, except conspiring and eroding the political culture by repeatedly arresting Khan, tarnishing the image of Pakistan as an undemocratic and backward country.

Imran Khan’s Incarceration: Undoing Fair Elections

Evil wields its power, and those who perpetrate evil reveal their frustration, tyranny, and repression by relentlessly pursuing Khan and his supporters. Imran Khan is the leading democratic party leader favored by the people. In April 2022, in a coup-like political maneuver at the Assembly, a faction of Generals led by Bajwa installed highly controversial and criminally indicted figures like Shahbaz Sharif, Bhutto, and others to appease the US and its vested strategic interests in South West Asia. Imran Khan, a new-generation educated individual, sought to bring about political changes in Pakistan’s external relations, shifting from an exclusive reliance on the US to a more balanced relationship with Russia, China, and other Middle Eastern nations. His PTI party alleges American intervention in the political coup against him and his removal from office.

Ironically, Khan frequently spoke of political changes but lacked the capacity to dismantle the neocolonial systems of corruption and intrigue that permeated all aspects of governance. Was Khan too naive about his own plans and too politically and intellectually weak to withstand undemocratic removal by his opponents? Some Generals and the Sharif brothers feared Khan’s return to power in fair elections, where he could hold them accountable for corruption, treasury looting, and belligerent political behavior. If Imran Khan had been conscientious and acted decisively, he could have called for early elections to counter the political conspiracy. Was he misled by some of his own dubious party stakeholders? Khan appears to be a more truthful and morally and intellectually upright leader, capable of assuming leadership and contributing to the urgently needed domestic harmony and nation-building.

To Foster Planned Change, Pakistan Requires a New Generation of Educated and Proactive Leadership, Not the Sharifs and a Few Generals

Pakistan is being sabotaged by vengeful political intrigues and the recklessness of a few. Progressive nations elevate their best and brightest to leadership roles and responsibilities. Was the rise of PM Imran Khan, a beacon of hope for the future, thwarted by political machinations and conspiracies involving a handful of Generals and the Sharif brothers? National honor and glory are founded on ideals, not conspiratorial minds. There is something hauntingly familiar about the current state of failed political governance in Pakistan. The quest for political change lacks the presence of robust public institutions that support reasoned politics, educated and intelligent leaders, and forward-thinking visions for change and adaptability in shaping a critical future.

A snapshot of this critical moment in time and history reveals a grim picture of political governance and military coups in Pakistan. We, the people of Pakistan, lost half of our country (East Pakistan), and India forcibly occupied Kashmir, while we continued to lose more in socioeconomic and political domains due to the dishonesty and failed leadership of the Bhuttos, Sharifs, and the Generals. These individuals embezzled billions to acquire palatial estates in the UK, France, and elsewhere in Europe. The discerning people of the new generation in Pakistan view the Bhuttos, Zardari, Sharifs, and General Musharraf as one collective entity – the most corrupt and crime-riddled figures who will never acknowledge their wrongdoings. They never imagined how the present and future generations would remember them.

Even if organized political elections were to take place, the prevailing chaotic culture raises suspicions of institutionalized corruption, political exploitation, civilian casualties, and the specter of martial law and some form of military dictatorship aligning with the most corrupt individuals and criminally indicted figures from recent history. The evidence supports the alliance of defunct Bhuttos, Sharifs, military generals, and other infamous so-called Islamic parties. There is a lack of moral and political accountability preventing criminals and thugs from returning to the threshold of political power.

Pakistan lacks a credible system of governance, and its masses remain trapped in poverty and ignorance regarding the realities of political exploitation. They are often coerced into accepting traditional authority and a corrupt system of opportunism as the norm in Pakistani political life.

Pakistanis Are Not a Hopeless People, but the Neo-Colonial Elite Live in the Past

At the brink of despair, cynicism about politicians and a few Generals is widespread, revealing a culture mired in moral, political, and intellectual stagnation. Truth-telling is vilified and persecuted by the ruling neocolonial elite. While the British transformed the subcontinent in 90 years, Pakistan, after 75 years, lacks a viable political governance system. Informed citizens view homegrown traitors like ZA Bhutto, Ms. Bhutto, General Yahya Khan, Zardari, Sharifs, and General Musharraf as impostors, akin to Mir Jafar and Mir Sadiq, as a blot on the nation’s history.

Pakistan has lost its inherent capacity for change, progress, and nation-building under military dictators and persistent martial law. Nations cease to thrive when educated new generations, capable of replacing the old and outdated leadership, leave the country and never return to contribute to nation-building. Young educated generations increasingly choose to migrate to Europe or America and do not return.

Currently, a few thoughtless Generals and their accomplices, the Sharif brothers and Zardari, are intent on stifling public discourse and obstructing political change, reform, and the organization of free and fair elections. They act dogmatically and vindictively, fearing the loss of public support. The masses and history will hold them accountable for their actions. We, the educated and conscientious people, and history itself, will judge them based on their deeds, not their claims. The few conspiratorial Generals and Sharif brothers could potentially face public accountability for their crimes against the nation, even including legal consequences such as firing squads, if the principles of law and justice prevail in a just society.

Mahboob A. Khawaja

Dr. Mahboob A. Khawaja specializes in international affairs-global security, peace and conflict resolution with keen interests in Islamic-Western comparative cultures and civilizations, and author of several publications including the latest: One Humanity and the Remaking of Global Peace, Security and Conflict Resolution. Germany

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