Pakistan: The Elite Who Betrayed the Nation

Since independence, Pakistan has witnessed five individualistic military coups - all lacking in logic and conscience, resulting in political chaos, socio-economic disruption, loss of the foundation of the national freedom movement, and the worst outcome - the conspiratorial defeat and surrender of East Pakistan.

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Corrupt Elite is always Self-Deceptive and Fearful

Every dictator is a despot at heart and an enemy of both himself and the nation. They contribute nothing to building a nation or its future but instead destroy all that has been built over time and generations, giving truth meaning for human culture and civilization.

An egomaniacal mind imagines “power” in absolute terms, a vicious concept that corrupts incessantly. However, it never cares to search for the consequential truth leading to the end game – assured deceit of transitory triumphalism.

Pakistan was envisioned by Rehmat Ali, a student, transformed into conceptual reality by Dr. Mohammad Iqbal, the poet, philosopher, and ideologist of the 20th century, and the monumental democratic freedom movement was led by Mohammad Ali Jinnah to achieve success. Logically, “success” always means doing the best for all.

A small Pakistani military elite, under its current Chief of the Staff General Assem Munir, aligned with a coalition of well-known thugs, money launderers, and indicted criminals to assume political power – a power that is not theirs and of which they have no knowledge of its imperatives – fair or foul. They aim to install a puppet regime to serve their interests, not the interests or aspirations of the nation. The national elections were rigged to deprive the most popular party of Imran Khan (PTI) in favor of thugs and criminals – the Sharif family.

The Generals and Sharifs Have No Legitimacy to Form the Next Government

Since independence, Pakistan has witnessed five individualistic military coups – all lacking in logic and conscience, resulting in political chaos, socio-economic disruption, loss of the foundation of the national freedom movement, and the worst outcome – the conspiratorial defeat and surrender of East Pakistan.

The Generals produced Bhuttos, Sharifs, Zardari, and Musharaf who stole more than 50 years of the national lifetime, wealth, and opportunities for political change to acquire palaces in the UK, France, and Spain, thus discrediting the nation, its honor, and its standing in global affairs. They all escaped the consequences of their crimes against the nation through infested corruption and unfair systems of legal justice. Recently, the Sharif brothers were also set free. It is widely believed that the top brass of the military was directly involved in organizing a fraudulent election. It is highly likely that twisted logic and erroneous tactics of false accusations and charges have been employed to imprison Imran Khan and some 20k of his party affiliates, locked up arbitrarily to ensure a favorable outcome for the twice-dismissed indicted criminal Nawaz Sharif or his brother to form the next central government.

Dr. Babur Cheema, in his post, describes the essence of the pathological liars who played with the destiny of the nation to further their own sadistic ambitions to dehumanize the nation: “…By late evening, it was abundantly clear that the people of Pakistan… handed over their mandate in an unambiguous and unequivocal manner. This is precisely when panic gripped the corridors of power. Mortally scared, the dacoits descended in the dead of darkness, to cruelly snatch victory from the people of Pakistan. It was a bizarre and obscenely revulsive spectacle. People watched in disbelief. They had a ringside view and watched the proceedings in real-time. They couldn’t believe what they saw. Their own were selling their motherland to dacoits. They were horrified at the brazenness of this theft. Looters were looting with impunity. The world was aghast as the verdict of the people of Pakistan was being hijacked in full public view. Despite Pakistan’s checkered electoral history, such high-handedness and nakedness had never been imagined. This was a betrayal of the worst kind. People of Pakistan were crestfallen and deeply hurt. The ones who had taken an oath to protect their verdict and will were the very ones to vandalize and mutilate it.

The Elite must Face Legal Accountability

The political-military elite have bankrupted the nation. Nobody invests in a country occupied by military dictators and political criminals, and tourists do not come to where conflicts and insecurity prevail. The IMF loaned 3M as a bailout recently; every Pakistani is under debt for almost 100B borrowed from the World Bank – where did that money go? Most of it was stolen by Bhuttos, Zardari, Sharif brothers, Musharaf, and others to acquire businesses/properties in Western Europe and Dubai. Would any nation in a rational mindset allow thugs and criminals to assume political leadership?

There must be full accountability of all the criminals and traitors; otherwise, Pakistan will drown forever. The national elections of February 8-9 have been rigged by a planned scheme of things conducted by the top elite, including a few Generals, the Chief Justice, and the Election Commissioner, as stated by the Divisional Commissioner Afzal Chatta. Pakistan needs an urgent systematic navigational change to restore trust, integrity, and honesty to the beleaguered image of Pakistan and its conscientious people.

If honesty and accountability have any real meanings, the majority of Pakistani masses would demand an immediate resignation of the Chief of the Army Staff General Assem Munir, the Chief Justice Qazi Esa, the Chief Election Commissioner Sikandar Raja, and others involved in the fraudulent scheme of elections. They violated the oath under the Constitution and betrayed the trust and responsibility assigned to them for their dutiful impartial performance and its accountability. If they fail to respond to the call of professional consciousness, they are not above the law and should be held accountable in a public court of justice. Would they ever realize and learn what went wrong with their professional thinking and to cause pains, horrors of injustice, and systematic defamation to the credibility and honor of Pakistan?

We, the People of Pakistan, would ask President Dr. Alvi for the following urgent executive remedial actions to restore normalcy and integrity to Pakistan:

  1. To set up a legal tribunal to investigate the irregularities of the national elections;
  2. To postpone or refuse any formal swearing-in of any unelected person to the position of PM of Pakistan;
  3. To ensure fast and fair corrected results of the February 8-9 elections and make a formal declaration of the successful elected members or the party for a peaceful transfer of power;
  4. To pardon and free Imran Khan from false political charges enabling him to participate in normal political affairs of the nation.

Mahboob A. Khawaja

Dr. Mahboob A. Khawaja specializes in international affairs-global security, peace and conflict resolution with keen interests in Islamic-Western comparative cultures and civilizations, and author of several publications including the latest: One Humanity and the Remaking of Global Peace, Security and Conflict Resolution. Germany

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