SL Minister Meets Amnesty, Reaffirms Human Rights

Foreign Affairs Minister Sabry met with an Amnesty International delegation, reaffirming his commitment to human rights while expressing concerns about external influences on Sri Lanka’s internal affairs.

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[Photo: Foreign Ministry of Sri Lanka]

The Foreign Affairs Minister of Sri Lanka, Ali Sabry, met with the Secretary General and a delegation from Amnesty International at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs today. During the meeting, Minister Sabry reaffirmed Sri Lanka’s commitment to upholding human rights and highlighted the nation’s ongoing efforts to address humanitarian concerns.

Minister Sabry detailed the objectives behind the government’s humanitarian operations, emphasizing their aim to liberate Sri Lankans of all communities from the grip of one of the most ruthless terrorist organizations in the world. He recalled the significant sacrifices made by the Sri Lankan armed forces, noting that over 26,000 members had lost their lives, and thousands more had been injured in the pursuit of peace and freedom for the nation.

In addition to discussing the government’s efforts and sacrifices, Minister Sabry expressed concern over external influences affecting Sri Lanka’s internal affairs. He criticized these interventions as being driven by individuals seeking to cater to small domestic audiences for political gain, which he suggested could undermine the nation’s sovereignty and ongoing efforts to maintain peace and security.

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