Sri Lanka: Hadiya Claims to Have Seen Both Sara Alive and Hejaaz in Contact with Zahran

If Hadiya's statement on Sara is being used grandly, why aren't they quoting her statement on Hejaaz?

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Police officers work at the scene at St. Sebastian Catholic Church, after bomb blasts ripped through churches and luxury hotels on Easter, in Negombo, Sri Lanka April 22, 2019. [Photo Credit: REUTERS/Athit Perawongmetha ]

by Our Defence Affairs Correspondent

“Believing in conspiracies is like believing in magic. It’s a way of trying to make sense of the world without having to do the hard work of actually trying to understand it.” – Michael Shermer

Conspiracy theorists who cherry-pick and manipulate facts to fit their narrative are not only spreading misinformation, but they are also jeopardizing the justice system and the fundamentals of the rule of law. They are using half-truths and distorted information to justify their preconceived notions, and in doing so, they are creating a distorted reality that is not based on facts.

This can lead to a dangerous situation where the public’s perception of the truth is undermined, and justice is compromised. If conspiracy theorists are allowed to manipulate information to fit their narrative, the risk is that innocent people can be wrongly accused and punished, while the real perpetrators of a crime can go free. When half-truths and distorted information are allowed to spread unchecked, it can create a climate of fear, mistrust, and paranoia, where people become suspicious of each other, and communities become divided. This can have far-reaching consequences, such as social unrest, violence, and even war.

Therefore, it is crucial that we take a stand against conspiracy theories that seek to undermine the truth, the justice system, and the fundamentals of the rule of law. We must promote a culture of evidence-based reasoning and critical thinking, where the facts are examined carefully, and the truth is sought with objectivity and impartiality. Only by doing so can we ensure that justice is served and that our society is protected from the dangerous consequences of conspiracy theories. A case in point is Hadiya’s statements before law enforcement agencies over Pulastini Mahendran alias Sarah Jasmine and Easter Sunday blasts.

The statements made by Fathima Hadiya, the widow of Zahran Hashim, the ring leader who inspired the IS ideology and detonated himself along with seven other suicide bombers in April 2019, have become more controversial than ever. However, we see the nature of hypocrisy and duplicity of those who are benefiting from her statements.

Hadiya was granted bail by the Kalmunai High Court after being detained for nearly four years. She claims to have seen someone resembling Sara Jasmine, who was recently confirmed dead through proper DNA analysis, alive after the blast in their safe house in Sainthamaruthu Bolivarian village moments before law enforcement agencies raided the place based on information provided by villagers, including the head of the nearby mosque.

However, rationality has been replaced by irrationality; science has been replaced by ignorance, and forthrightness has been overtaken by conspiracy. From political opportunists to those manipulating Christianity, using Sara’s story to deceive the public with their unproved allegations, for them, Sara is part of a grand conspiracy.

True, we can confirm that it was Hadiya who claimed to have seen someone like Sara alive after the massive blast, but Hadiya herself was unconscious for a few hours after the blast. Hadiya and her daughter were rescued because they were in a bathroom adjacent to the kitchen area of the house. The blast occurred in the living area where Sara and others were staying, while two members of the team went outside the house to prevent the army and police who were attempting to raid the house. Anybody with knowledge of explosive materials can come to a reasonable conclusion about the destruction and the possibility of survival.

Our concern is not Sara, but the statements made by Hadiya claiming that Zahran Hashim maintained a close relationship with Hejaaz Hizbullah, a prominent lawyer who was detained but later released on bail. Hadiya even confirmed in her statement that Zaharan had saved Hejaaz’s name on his mobile. However, strangely, neither religious leaders such as Cyril Gamini Fernando nor NGO activists who often self-proclaim as so-called civil society activists or politicians such as MP Mujibur Rahman one of the top men who mastered in blabbering, say anything about this.

If Hadiya’s statement on Sara is being used grandly, why aren’t they quoting her statement on Hejaaz? We do not have any personal issues with Mr Hejaaz Hizbullah, who managed to internationalize his case against the state apparatus. We understand that this may be opening a can of worms, but what is important is that when the source is the same, why can’t anybody take it whole instead of taking only the pieces that are useful for their version of the story? This shows the duplicity of hypocrites. If Sara is part of a grand conspiracy, then what role did Hejaaz play by maintaining a close relationship with Zahran Hashim and visiting his preaching place in Puttalam, according to Hadiya? Over to you, truth seekers!

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