Sri Lanka: Sirisena Accuses Cardinal of Mismanaging Easter Attack Aid

Former President Maithripala Sirisena Alleges Mismanagement of Easter Attack Aid by Archbishop Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith

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Sri Lanka's Archbishop of Colombo, Malcolm Cradinal Ranjith [File Photo]

Colombo, Sri Lanka – Former President Maithripala Sirisena has leveled serious accusations against Archbishop Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith, asserting that the aid received from various philanthropists for the victims of the Easter attack has not been properly distributed. Speaking at a media briefing following a recent function, Sirisena claimed that the funds donated by numerous Catholic organizations, international entities, and high-ranking businessmen in Sri Lanka have not reached the intended beneficiaries.

Sirisena emphasized that despite the numerous lawsuits filed against him, he had ensured that compensation was paid to the victims during his tenure. “I have gone to the Guinness Book because there are 400 cases. Under the leadership of Cardinal Thero, 400 cases were filed. One case for those who died and one case for those with broken limbs… to pay compensation. But when I was the president, I clearly paid compensation to all of them,” he stated.

The former president challenged Cardinal Ranjith to provide a detailed account of the aid received and its distribution. “Catholic organizations, countries of the world, various organizations, high-ranking businessmen in Sri Lanka, etc. gave money to Cardinal Thera after the Easter attack. It would be good if Cardinal Thero would please present what happened to the money they gave… a list. Here is the money I received…as well as what I gave. Those five cents were not given to the victims,” Sirisena said.

Sirisena’s comments have sparked a heated debate, with many calling for transparency in the handling of funds meant for the Easter attack victims. He reiterated that despite fulfilling his responsibilities in compensating the victims, he continues to face legal action, which he attributes to the lawsuits filed under Cardinal Ranjith’s leadership.

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