Sri Lankan Entrepreneur Sets Sail in the Green Revolution

Awantha Atapattu's Journey from Medicine to Maritime Innovation Shapes Sri Lanka's Eco-Friendly Boating Industry, Redefining Tourist Experiences and Environmental Conservation

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Mahasen Marine recently delivers their largest solar-powered catamaran yet, marking a milestone in Sri Lanka's boat manufacturing sector and showcasing global leadership in sustainable innovation. [ Photo: Sri Lanka Guardian]

At the centre of Sri Lanka’s growing marine industry stands entrepreneur Awantha Atapattu, whose shift from medicine to maritime innovation reflects the spirit of transformation and sustainability. After dedicating himself to the medical profession, including serving as an Anesthesia medical officer at Apeksha Hospital in Maharagama, Atapattu felt a stirring desire to extend his impact beyond the confines of traditional healthcare.

“At first, medicine felt like a calling, a means to serve humanity. But over time, I realized my passion stretched beyond the boundaries of a single profession,” reflects Atapattu, now the founder of Mahasen Marine Private Limited. His vision? To revolutionize the maritime sector with eco-friendly solutions.

Recently, Mahasen Marine achieved a significant milestone with the completion and delivery of their largest project yet – a 25-meter-long solar-powered Catamaran. This achievement not only underscores Atapattu’s commitment to sustainable innovation but also positions his company as a leader in Sri Lanka’s solar and hybrid boat manufacturing sector. This project, completed for their Bangladeshi client, highlights Mahasen Marine’s expanding reach and impact beyond national borders, showcasing their expertise and dedication to delivering cutting-edge solutions on a global scale.

In an exclusive conversation with Sri Lanka Guardian, Atapattu articulates his company’s mission: “We aim to democratize green boating experiences, making solar-powered vessels accessible and affordable for all.” This mission aligns with Sri Lanka’s rich maritime heritage and the burgeoning opportunities within the tourism sector.

Atapattu’s latest project exemplifies this commitment to accessibility and sustainability. Completed in just eight months by local engineers, the versatile vessel can navigate both sea and fresh waterways. With a capacity to accommodate up to 200 passengers, it holds promise for various tourism ventures, from dining cruises to passenger ferries.

Mahasen Marine achieves a milestone with the largest solar catamaran, showcasing Sri Lanka’s sustainable innovation. [Photo: Sri Lanka Guardian]

“We envision these vessels as more than just modes of transportation. They are floating platforms for cultural exploration, dining experiences, and eco-tourism adventures,” Atapattu explains, emphasizing the collaborative partnerships that drive innovation in the industry.

As an island nation with a rich ecological heritage, Atapattu believes in leveraging Sri Lanka’s natural resources responsibly. “Our oceans and waterways are not just pathways; they are pathways to progress and prosperity,” he asserts. Through initiatives like Mahasen Marine Private, Atapattu aims to harness Sri Lanka’s maritime potential while safeguarding its environment for generations to come.

In Atapattu’s vision, “the waves of change carry more than just economic prosperity; they bear the promise of a greener, more sustainable future for Sri Lanka’s marine ecosystem and its people. With Mahasen Marine Private at the helm, Sri Lanka sets sail into a new era of innovation and environmental stewardship.”

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