Summoning US Ambassador Over Coup Allegation — An Imperative Assertion of Sovereignty

By summoning the US Ambassador implicated in this dirty affair, we send a clear and unequivocal message: Sri Lanka will not countenance foreign interference in its internal affairs.

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Ambassador Julie Chung [ Photo Credit: US Embassy in Colombo]


In a seismic revelation, the Speaker of Parliament has exposed a clandestine scheme masterminded by foreign powers aimed at undermining the essence of our democratic nation. Accordingly, an envoy stationed in the foreign mission in Colombo influenced the Speaker to assume the Presidency when Gotabaya Rajapaksa was ousted. The kitty-cat is out of the bag after a long overdue revelation. The unveiling of this nefarious plot demands immediate and resolute action from our government to safeguard the sovereignty and integrity of Sri Lanka.

Within the solemn chambers of Parliament, the Speaker’s disclosure has laid bare a complex network of foreign and domestic influences, intent on subverting our democratic processes. It stands as a stark indictment not only of those seeking to manipulate our political landscape but also of the complacency exhibited by our own authorities in the face of such malevolent designs.

We understand that the most of local media, social media superstars, and other so-called activists as well as politicians directly and indirectly funded by the US and its Western alliances will never utter a single word on this. After all, money talks.

But this is a matter of our country folks, a test of whether you have a spinal cord or whether you have a conscience. This is the land we must protect for our generations to come. Those pariahs who migrated from Asia to the West shall do harm at any given time. They are brainwashed taskmasters.

However, money shall never buy you a conscience. Therefore, it is our fundamental responsibility to speak out against this.

At the heart of this revelation lies a brazen attempt to subvert the constitutional order by orchestrating a scenario wherein the Speaker would assume presidential duties, thus circumventing established democratic norms and principles. Such a blatant assault on our constitutional framework cannot and will not be tolerated, and those accountable must be held to the fullest extent of the law.

Integral to this matter is the sanctity of our diplomatic relations and adherence to international conventions. The Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties unequivocally prohibits interference in the internal affairs of sovereign states. The reported actions of foreign ambassadors meddling in our domestic affairs constitute a grave violation of these principles and demand unequivocal condemnation.

Former Minister, MP Wimal Weerawansa’s previous exposé, corroborated by the Speaker’s revelation, underscores the gravity of the situation. The denial by foreign envoys merely deepens the suspicion surrounding their actions. If indeed substantiated, this would amount to an egregious breach of diplomatic protocol, necessitating swift and decisive action. Allegations point towards the involvement of the US Ambassador in these machinations.

If proven true, summoning the implicated US Ambassador is not merely a diplomatic formality; it is an imperative act of safeguarding our national sovereignty. The government must demand a comprehensive explanation for the alleged interference in our internal affairs and take stringent measures to prevent any recurrence.

Moreover, the Speaker’s disclosure raises alarming questions regarding the motives behind these covert operations. Were they intended to destabilize our nation, incite violence, or erode the very fabric of our society? The potential repercussions are too dire to ignore, warranting a thorough investigation into the matter.

In the face of such existential threats to our democracy, national unity is paramount. The government, opposition, and all stakeholders must set aside partisan differences and prioritize the nation’s interests above all else. Our sovereignty is sacrosanct, and any attempts to compromise it must be met with unwavering resolve.

The recent spectacle of opposition parliamentarians taking to the streets and fraternizing with the US ambassador, mere days after the Speaker’s revelation, is a shameful display of opportunism devoid of any sense of national duty.

The time has come for our government to assert its authority and reaffirm its commitment to upholding the rule of law. Failure to do so would not only embolden those seeking to undermine our democracy but also erode the trust and confidence of the Sri Lankan people in their elected representatives.

By summoning the US Ambassador implicated in this dirty affair, we send a clear and unequivocal message: Sri Lanka will not countenance foreign interference in its internal affairs. We demand accountability, transparency, and adherence to the principles of international law. Anything less would constitute a betrayal of the trust vested in us by the people of this nation.

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