Paradox of Political Wickedness

After four months of continuous bombardments and obliterated Gaza, favorite political perversion appears at work to annihilate the innocent people by dubious and defiant war strategies pursued by Israel. Concealing truth from


Zaluzhny Out, Oleksandr Syrskyi In


Volodymyr Zelensky has finally been successful in firing General Valerii Zaluzhny. This time, according to reporting coming from Kiev, Zaluzhny has accepted the order and has thanked Ukrainians for their sacrifice. Zelensky


Tucker Carlson’s Right to Interview Putin

Editorial The unsurprising uproar over Tucker Carlson’s decision to interview Russian President Vladimir Putin has ignited a dangerous assault on fundamental democratic principles. Calls for sanctions and even arrest from EU politicians


The American Dilemma of War

Many argue that the United States should not have involved itself in the Ukraine war. For some, it’s a matter of national interest; for others, it’s simply too expensive. There are those

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