Tunnel Rats Redux

Stephen “Shorty” Menendez has a piece of advice for Israeli troops faced with clearing out Hamas tunnels in Gaza: Don’t. Don’t volunteer to go down there. You will never get over it.


Theories on the Gaza War

Many of our readers have written in to ask why we haven’t had much to say on the war between Hamas and Israel. The reason, lamentably, was that we had nothing to


Zelensky is at war — With his Generals


Volodomir Zelensky, Ukraine’s president, is at war –with his generals.  He has admonished the head of the Ukrainian armed services, Valery Zaluzhny, who last week told the Economist “Just like in the First World War, we have


Western Left and the U.S.-China contradiction

Significant segments of the non-Communist Western Left see the developing contradiction between the United States and China in terms of an inter-imperialist rivalry. Such a characterisation fulfils three distinct theoretical functions from

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