The war against words


“We are accused of terrorism If we dare to write about the remains of a homeland…. About a homeland where birds are not allowed to sing About a homeland where writers must


The World of Balance

The international system is always changing. It usually shifts one piece at a time, each one constrained by the system to dampen its impact – and thus maintain balance and stability. Many


Decolonizing Humanity

Neocolonialism: Old threats in a new era In February 2024, a forum was held in Moscow for supporters of the fight against modern neocolonialism practices. This forum, called For Freedom of Nations,


Pope Francis and The Value of Humour

Crowd: Hail, messiah! Brian: I’m not the messiah! … Crowd: Only the true messiah denies his divinity! Brian: … Alright, I am the messiah! – Monty Python’s Life of Brian I watch BBC

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