Remember Ukraine?

Some of you may remember Ukraine. Just a few months ago, it was all the talk. Since then, war has broken out between Hamas and Israel, a potentially game-changing summit took place


Don’t plan yet for Ukraine reconstruction

Having successfully accomplished the destruction of Iraq and Afghanistan, the United States is estimating that in Ukraine too, destruction is nearly complete. At the recent meeting of the foreign and defence ministers


Big Power Involvement in the Gaza War

On October 21st, 1973 during the Yom Kippur War, Henry Kissinger flew to Moscow.  I remember his arrival there very well because I was with the US embassy’s Charge d’Affaires Adolph Dubs in his office


Russia in IORA


We are confident that the tendency to consolidate cooperation between the practice-oriented multipolar platforms like IORA should become the dominant trend. We consider the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and the Eurasian Economic Union

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