Don’t plan yet for Ukraine reconstruction

Having successfully accomplished the destruction of Iraq and Afghanistan, the United States is estimating that in Ukraine too, destruction is nearly complete. At the recent meeting of the foreign and defence ministers


Embrace Harmony, Wise Ones!


Incrementalism—the tendency to inch forward rather than to take bold steps—is usually preferred by political and military leaders in warfare, because the introduction of a few forces into action puts fewer personnel


Deciphering The Russian Code

Yeltsin destroyed the Soviet Union and with it the communist ideology. The ideologues of victorious liberalism—Yegor Gaidar and Anatoly Chubais—built a country that resembled an ugly caricature of the victorious Western civilization. Russia ceased


Is the War in Ukraine Mutating?

No matter what pronunciamentos may come from Washington, the Russian government is expecting greater attacks on Russian territory, especially Moscow and maybe Russian ports, to try and destabilize the Putin government.  The Pentagon says

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