UK Religious Body Commends Modi for Statesmanship

The Federation of Saiva (Hindu) Temples U.K pledged its continued support and cooperation in advancing the shared values of the Saiva community and fostering a society that celebrates diversity and unity.

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The prime minister got a warm welcome at the airport from UK ministers Hugo Swire and Priti Patel in 2015 [ BBC File Photo]

In a gathering of Trustees, priests, leaders, dignitaries, and religious figures from around the world, the 22nd Annual Conference of the Federation of Saiva (Hindu) Temples U.K concluded with a resounding statement of appreciation and gratitude towards the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi. The Federation expressed its profound admiration for his exceptional statesmanship and unwavering commitment to promoting Saiva-Hindu values while embracing India’s diverse religious practices.

The Federation wholeheartedly commended Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his notable efforts in recognizing, respecting, and nurturing Saiva traditions. The organization acknowledged his vision and applauded his mission to safeguard and promote the rich cultural heritage of Tamil Nadu, particularly in relation to the Saiva faith.

One of the remarkable achievements highlighted during the conference was the special honour bestowed upon Saiva traditions of Tamil Nadu by the Indian government. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in a demonstration of great leadership, allocated a significant place for Saiva-Hindu traditions in the opening ceremony of the new parliament in Delhi on May 28, 2023. This gesture of recognition and respect showcased the government’s commitment to acknowledging and uplifting the cultural significance of the Saiva community.

Moreover, the Federation expressed its deep appreciation for the Prime Minister’s decision to install the Sengol, the historical mace of Tamil Nadu, within the new parliament building. This act served as a testament to the enduring legacy of the Tamilian Chola dynasty and its profound influence on Indian culture and history. By honouring these symbols of Tamil Nadu’s heritage, Prime Minister Narendra Modi reinforced the pride of Tamil Saivites and their contributions to the nation’s cultural tapestry.

Furthermore, the Federation extended its heartfelt gratitude to the Indian Prime Minister for his unwavering support and recognition of the heads of the Saiva Atheenams of Tamil Nadu. The Conference attendees rejoiced in witnessing the performance of sacred Saivite ceremonies and blessings at the inauguration of the new parliament building. This momentous occasion served as a symbol of the Prime Minister’s commitment to fostering religious harmony and inclusivity while upholding the spiritual traditions of the Saiva community.

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