Under the Gaze of Lady Justice: A Strange-Land Fable

Just before the impending judgment day, a group of individuals gathered in a dimly lit chamber, their discussions dominated by one common thread—money, more specifically, insurance money, the very lifeblood of their deceptive endeavour.

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by Nilantha

In the strange and enigmatic land known as “Strange-Land,” a complex and shadowy tale of deception and despair unfolded, echoing the darkest underbelly of human behaviour. Here, the pursuit of wealth often cast a long shadow over the pursuit of justice and truth. Lady Justice herself, blinded by the scales of prejudice, could not see the inherent injustice that festered in this peculiar realm.

Amidst this disorienting backdrop, one businessman, a seemingly charming individual who had inherited the family business from his father, found himself enmeshed in a crisis of his own making. His outward appearance exuded confidence and success, but beneath the facade lay a man who lacked the acumen to manage a substantial enterprise. Influenced by friends who led him astray, he ultimately failed in his endeavours, and his self-blame was as palpable as the morning mist. It was a peculiar case, indeed.

In a world where people celebrated success and rarely dared to ponder the narratives of those who had faltered, the businessman’s story raised important questions about the personal and societal factors that had contributed to his downfall. Success, a term that had been overused and drained of its meaning, remained elusive and enigmatic, much like justice itself.

In the shadows of this bizarre land, where tormented souls surfaced every night to unveil the truth behind the lies, and where lawyers, with their chameleon-like qualities, deftly straddled the line for financial gain, a dark and clandestine plan took shape.

Just before the impending judgment day, a group of individuals gathered in a dimly lit chamber, their discussions dominated by one common thread—money, more specifically, insurance money, the very lifeblood of their deceptive endeavour. They dismissed the pursuit of justice and the sanctity of truth, choosing instead to do whatever was necessary to fulfil the wishes of the deceased.

One of them, a smirking lawyer, sneered, “Who cares about justice when we can manipulate the scales? It’s all about the weight we can throw on our side, whether it’s truth or not.”

Another nodded knowingly, “Exactly, my friend. This world is a paradise of deception, and we, the hypocrites, play our games by hook or by crook.”

As they continued to discuss their nefarious plans, the investigators who had meticulously gathered evidence pointing to suicide were left in a state of disarray. “This is not the first time they’ve tried to prove it,” remarked one defense attorney. “But the country has consistently refused to accept their version. Our great-great-grandma, Lady Justice, remains blindfolded, and for good reason.”

Another lawyer chimed in with a sardonic laugh, “There’s an old tale my father used to tell. It’s about a time when Lady Justice had her eyes wide open and witnessed the suffering of innocents in the courtroom while judges and lawyers reveled in their plight. She screamed in despair but eventually chose to cover her eyes, unable to bear the injustice any longer. Interestingly, I heard that it was one of the judges who decided to close her eyes to hide his own guilt.”

Amidst the cynical laughter, the criminal investigators in the room could do little but hang their heads in frustration. They were but lowly state employees, scraping by on meager wages, battling insurmountable challenges, and facing the brunt of public frustration and blame. In a world where connections to the upper echelons of the judicial and political hierarchy held ultimate sway, they were rendered powerless, their voices drowned out by the cacophony of influence.

The conclusion they had reached was unassailable: the businessman had not taken his own life; the blame lay with an “unknown” perpetrator. In this web of deception, truth was obscured, justice remained elusive, and the pursuit of money, often at the cost of morality, continued to reign supreme in the strange and unfathomable realm of Strange-Land. The very essence of justice had been tarnished, and the norms of morality had been humiliated in their merciless journey to achieve their own version of twisted ‘success.’


Pipe Dream Over Reality

In the land where justice walks a crooked line,

Where junior lawyers rise as judges, their loyalty over former seniors does incline,

As they ascend to the bench, where judgments are decreed,

Where is justice headed when trust begins to recede?

Investigations undertaken, yet investigators scorned,

Their efforts disregarded, their dignity adorned,

Humiliated and sidelined, their voices left unheard,

In the shadow of power, their pursuit deferred.

But what can money do when haunted souls emerge,

Each night unveiling lies, the truth they purge,

Lawyers, chameleons, their colors ever-changing,

When profits dictate actions, it’s justice they’re estranging.

Why betray their legacy for insurance’s embrace,

In the pursuit of riches, morals they efface,

Where shall we go, awash in ill-gotten gains,

When deceit prevails and honour wanes?

Where shall we find respite, a peaceful night’s sleep,

When spirits rise from depths so dark and deep,

In search of justice, their voices never cease,

A quest for truth, a yearning for release

And when the time comes, when we must depart,

Leaving those who’ve sacrificed, with heavy heart,

Where shall we find solace, redemption, and grace

In a world where justice and truth we must embrace?

In the strange land where shadows dance and sway,

The search for justice continues, night and day,

May we rise above deception, reclaim what’s right,

In the face of darkness, let justice be our guiding light.

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