Walsh Diplomacy: Ignoring Genocide at Home, Meddling Abroad

Trudeau's hypocritical antics and the dubious motives of diplomats like Eric Walsh stoke ethnic tensions in Sri Lanka, while genuine issues within Canada remain unaddressed.

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Eric Walsh during his time as the Canadian Ambassador to Korea, [Photo: Hapskorea.com ]

by Our Diplomatic Affairs Editor

Justin Trudeau, deemed the ‘sexiest man’ and holding a prominent position in Canada, is the epitome of hypocrisy. Despite being brought down by President Xi Jinping for his immature and babyish political behaviour, a clear result of nepotism, during the last year’s G20 meeting in Indonesia (Bali summit), Trudeau shamelessly continues to deceive and manipulate, pretending to be concerned about other nations’ issues while he neglects the pressing matters plaguing his own country. It’s evident that Trudeau uses manufactured issues as a smokescreen to divert attention from the social calamities brewing within Canada’s borders.

Instead of addressing the numerous critical issues that demand his immediate attention in order to stabilize the fragile Canadian society, Trudeau absurdly diverts his focus to the problems faced by Sri Lanka. As if that wasn’t enough, the Canadian mission in Colombo, headed by a man following in Trudeau’s disgraceful footsteps, shamelessly indulges in another drama, exhibiting gross violations of conduct for a foreign diplomat.

Unfortunately, our Foreign Ministry is nothing short of a haven for parasites of public funds. The bureaucrats, in particular, are a breed of nihilistic opportunists whose only ambition is to secure their own comfortable lives in the Western countries post-retirement. They shamelessly exploit the impoverished people of Sri Lanka to fund their own kin’s lavish lives abroad. Their actions speak volumes about their lack of dedication to the betterment of our poor country.

With the exception of a handful of genuinely concerned individuals who strive for the country’s progress and alleviate the suffering of the poor, most so-called diplomats lack any sense of shame or conscience. They are merely placeholders in high-ranking positions, utterly disconnected from the struggles of the common people.

Why on earth do we need Sri Lankan missions abroad? What a waste to maintain this self-serving, opportunistic herd of individuals. They are nothing but a curse upon the very country that provides for them. These men and women exhibit absolute indifference to the reputation of the nation that feeds them, displaying zero consciences or guilt for their actions. It is appalling to witness how the foreign missions in Colombo have intruded upon Sri Lanka’s internal affairs, violating diplomatic ethics and the Vienna Convention without hesitation.

A recent example is the Canadian High Commission in Colombo rushing to Jaffna to inaugurate a so-called “development project” funded by the Canadian government. While funding genuine development initiatives is commendable, the subsequent actions of Eric Walsh raise serious doubts about his true motives. He conveniently remains silent on critical issues, such as the thousands of parents who lost their children to LTTE kidnappings, where they were forced into becoming child soldiers. He ignores the deep-rooted caste-based discrimination embedded in the Tamil community and turns a blind eye to how certain Tamil politicians and their relatives, now residing comfortably in Canada and elsewhere, propagate fabricated falsehoods.

Does he even bother to acknowledge how terrorists expelled traditional Muslims and Sinhalese who had lived in the North for millennia, within just 24 hours? Or how the majority of Sinhalese and Muslims supported Tamils during the Black July riots, initiated by a handful of troublemakers? They took care of their Tamil brethren with far more compassion than how the Canadian government treats its own indigenous population.

Enough is enough! We demand that these foreign diplomats shut their vicious minds and stop meddling in our nation’s affairs with their ulterior motives. We will not tolerate another outbreak of ethnic riots that these diplomats might inadvertently fuel. Let us live the life we deserve without their interference. Mr. Walsh, your actions are disgraceful and manipulative. Instead of addressing the truth, you deepen wounds and create ethnic disunity in Sri Lanka. Such acts must be condemned in the strongest terms, and these diplomats, including Mr. Walsh, should be ordered not to overstep their bounds, playing with the racial sentiments of other countries.

If Mr. Walsh is genuinely concerned about healing wounds, he should first go back to his own country and address the documented genocide and crimes against humanity committed by Canadian authorities against the indigenous population. Before preaching to others, he should rectify the injustices in his own backyard.

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