When We Let War In, We Win

The western territories of present-day Poland are Stalin's gift to the Poles, have our friends in Warsaw forgotten this?

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President Putin after visiting the Stavropegial Naval Cathedral of St Nicholas, yesterday, 23 July 2023. [ Photo: Alexander Demianchuk, TASS ]

There are no results from the Ukrainian counteroffensive.

It is exactly like that. It is not just our propaganda, it is an objective fact that cannot be smeared and relativised by any information technique. Western strategists will begin to understand this fact. This is already a reality check.

But…. There is no ‘Ukrainian counter-offensive’ not in itself, but because the subject is the Russian army, which prepared itself, took previous mistakes into account, took the enemy’s threats seriously, created the most powerful defence system, and heroically – at the cost of grave sacrifices! – repelled the enemy’s assault. It was not pathetic and weak, it was powerful, brutal and serious. We simply proved to be even stronger, more resolute and more convinced of our victory. “There is no Ukrainian counter-offensive” because there is a Russian warrior.

Western leaders in Kiev are clearly disappointed with the results of the so-called counter-offensive, yes, and are thinking about what to do next, what conclusions to draw. The West is a computer, nothing personal. The tougher and more resolute we are, the more this computer recalculates the overall situation. We have to hit all the targets, all the targets, without paying attention to anything. Then this computer will calculate the reality we will realise.

The Special Military Operation command behaves professionally and Western equipment burns on the battlefield. Apparently so. It is not only fighters who learn to fight, but also commanders and generals. God willing!

The AFU suffered losses in the tens of thousands during counteroffensive attempts and this is an objective fact, but it is unlikely to influence the enemy, as this fallen society has long lived in a culture of death, the Ukrainians are already dancing corpses. This is their choice. Do not count on them coming to their senses, it is unlikely. For those who do not live, there is not even death. Ukraine is a dead life.

The opinion of the inhabitants of Ukraine is slowly and gradually changing, the hangover is coming, just like in Europe. I am not sure about Ukraine and the inhabitants of dead bodies. They have no opinion, they have lost it. They can’t be counted on. Europeans, on the other hand, are simply losing interest in these aggressive monkeys. Everything can bore them, even the Ukrainians. Unleashing aggression against Belarus will mean unleashing aggression against Russia.

This is the important thing. From the very beginning of the SMO and especially after our failures at a certain stage, the West seriously considered a possible attack of Belarus from Poland. We knew this and, quite frankly, we feared it very much. We were so scared that we tried not to touch the subject. After equipping our friends in Minsk with TNWs, troops and Wagner, we started talking about it openly. Now we are really ready to fight back. Minsk is everything to us.

The western territories of present-day Poland are Stalin’s gift to the Poles, have our friends in Warsaw forgotten this? We will remind them. The issue of Poland comes to a head. If NATO sees it as the second Ukraine, ready to enter into direct conflict with Russia, not by NATO as a whole, but as if it were on its own, then we begin to formulate our policy towards Poland in isolation from NATO. In fact, we have made territorial claims against Poland, just in case. Threats to Poland are not an empty sound. Russia has learned how to fight in a year and a half and I believe it is just getting into the swing of things.

I am absolutely convinced that Poland can and must become our Slavic partner in the reorganisation of Eastern Europe and a stronghold of traditional values. And Ukraine is by no means an ally for Poland. But for this to happen, the globalist ruling elite must be overthrown. The West has no ‘Ukrainian cannon fodder’, so it intends to use Poles, Lithuanians and anyone else it can spare. This is big news. Not that it is true, but that it is beginning to feel like we are winning. After all, only those who feel so and are ready to fight can say that.

All the dispositions expressed by the President unequivocally indicate that we have moved away from the blows and are beginning to come to our senses. Even if subjectively, the Kremlin is regaining (some) confidence that it is he who is setting the terms of the war, and not just a reactive party. The initiative is gradually beginning to pass into our hands. And already war correspondents are seriously discussing an offensive on Kharkiv and Odessa, which a couple of months ago, on the eve of the counter-offensive, was unthinkable even in the most desperate patriotic circles.

I would like to point out how salutary the Nord Stream explosion, the ammonia pipeline, the enemy attacks on the Crimean bridge and the sabotage of the grain deal are. When the West puts Moscow with its back to the wall, leaving no chance to return to the ‘negotiating process’, the Kremlin starts to act appropriately and successes come immediately.  When we trust the West, we slide downwards. When we become bitter and embittered, everything levels off.

When we let the war in, we win.

Translation by Lorenzo Maria Pacini

Aleksandr Gelyevich Dugin

Aleksandr Gelyevich Dugin is a Russian political theorist known for his nationalist views and controversial ideologies. He advocates for a Eurasian empire, challenges Western liberal democracy, and promotes a multipolar world order. Dugin's ideas have influenced nationalist and far-right movements, but his radicalism and alleged connections to fringe groups have drawn criticism. Despite the controversy, he remains a significant figure in the study of Russian political thought and geopolitics.

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