A global balance needs China’s presence

It seems that China has decided to get out of the position of an observer and engage in settling the region's crises, with high confidence, after its historical achievement represented by the Tehran-Riyadh agreement and the restoration of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

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Aerial photo taken on June 17, 2022 shows the headquarters building of the New Development Bank (NDB), also known as the BRICS bank, in east China's Shanghai. (Xinhua/Fang Zhe)

by Refaat Badawi, from Lebanon for Xinhua

The visit of the Chinese envoy to Lebanon and Syria on April 28 is more than a diplomatic one. It seems that China has decided to get out of the position of an observer and engage in settling the region’s crises, with high confidence, after its historical achievement represented by the Tehran-Riyadh agreement and the restoration of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

The deal, guaranteed by Beijing, constituted an essential breakthrough in the region, which was considered a monopoly of American influence for decades.

China, with its fair and balanced approach to ending the Iranian-Saudi dispute, its remarkable initiative to resolve the Ukraine crisis based on respect for the sovereignty of states under Security Council resolutions, and its intention to build the Belt and Road projects to link countries and work on the sustainable development of peoples, has proven that it is a balanced country that does not seek to dislodge America from its position and offend it. However, China wants concrete political, economic, and developmental participation, with various countries adopting a new multipolar world order rather than the unilateral, brutal American system based on monopoly, arrogance, imposing wills, and depriving peoples of benefiting from their wealth.

Here, the increasing Chinese role in a calm and balanced manner represented the most significant positive change in the world. With this renewed role, China and its balanced approach presented a new and reliable model in politics, economics, development, and culture, mainly since the declared Chinese principle relies on achieving security, stability, and growth on a win-win basis.

For example, America continues to impose unfair sanctions on Syria, which have deprived the Syrian people of the most basic life and noble human rights, after America intended to plunder the wealth of Syria and starve its people, as it did and still does in Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Somalia and Venezuela, which claimed the lives of millions of the people of those countries.

As for China, it extended a helping hand to Syria when the latter faced the tragedy of the devastating earthquake. Furthermore, China has been championing respect for the sovereignty of every state, in addition to its continuous endeavor to solve the Palestinian issue and care for the rights of the Palestinian people following Security Council resolutions, compared to U.S. intransigence and arrogance.

The American policy of economic sanctions on countries that reject its dictates has made any U.S. administration a source of a permanent threat to the security, economy, and development of societies for most countries in the Middle East.

China did not threaten security in our country and did not draw up plans to divide Arab countries. China did not contribute to fueling sectarian strife and did not force some Gulf countries to finance terrorist organizations that were specially brought in to fragment our countries and our societies. China did not seek to destroy and obliterate the culture, civilization, and history of our Arab countries. It did not try to impose a culture of corruption and promote same-sex marriage in our country under the pretext of preserving human rights. China did not impose its blockade on Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, and Syria. It did not launch a blatant war on Afghanistan or declare war on Iraq for flimsy reasons that proved to the world that false allegations could have killed millions.

China did not occupy areas in northern Syria and did not contribute to the displacement of millions of Syrians and Iraqis. China did not sow chaos, corruption, hunger, and bankruptcy in Lebanon. It also never tried to obliterate the Palestinian cause and prevent the Palestinians from obtaining their legitimate rights. Finally, China did not seize wealth of our countries and others in Africa, like Libya, Sudan, and Somalia. Instead, America has done all of the above brutalities against humanity, outside the scope of norms, morals, and principles, and in flagrant violation of international law.

There is no doubt that the phone call between the Chinese and Ukrainian presidents was intended for China to search for effective exits to quell the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. Yet, at the same time, America seeks with all its effort to fan the flames of the ongoing crisis without caring about the interests of Ukraine and the economic interests of its allies in European countries.

Today’s global confrontation has always been primarily economic, so liberation from dealing with the U.S. dollar has become necessary, and China and its active role with the BRICS countries can play a leading role in this field, in addition to the option of adopting the Chinese currency yuan in commercial transactions between countries.

Freedom, democracy, and human rights are no longer glamorous and believable American titles because, under those titles, America waged destructive wars and fragmented countries such as the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia. It has been proven that America’s intentions are detrimental to our identity and Arab culture and civilization. America is a blatant example of misleading, lying, tyranny, and oppression of people. As for China, we can look at it with confidence as a fair and reliable partner politically and economically.

It is no exaggeration to say that the whole world today is in dire need of China’s positive presence, politically and economically, to restore the global balance which was disturbed as a result of the wrong policies of the United States of America and the loss of confidence in its reckless behavior, especially as China is gaining the trust of the people, who have always suffered from the tyranny and rule of the United States.

Editor’s note: Refaat Badawi is a political analyst and adviser to former Lebanese Prime Minister Salim al-Hoss.

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