Buddhists monks in Colombo, Sri Lanka [ Photo: Xinhua]

Sri Lanka: Formula for Lasting Peace and Prosperity

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results – Albert Einstein The momentum for resolving the ethnic issue that has bedevilled the country since independence has taken a fresh urgency with the President calling on all parties to convene to discuss the issue and resolve it


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CIA Role in Afghan Evacuation

America’s longest war, Afghanistan, has been called “the forgotten war,” which, for those who fought in it and are still suffering from it, is

Discordant Borders

On November 4, 2022, a Pakistan Army soldier was killed in a cross-border attack from Afghanistan on troops in the Kharlachi area of Kurram

President Abraham Lincoln, seated next to small table, in a reflective pose, May 16, 1861, with his hat visible on the table. [ Photo credit: Vintag]

Story of a Big, Inconsistent, Brave Man

Following excerpts adapted from the author’s latest book, And There Was Light: Abraham Lincoln and the American Struggle, published by Penguin Random House “Fellow countrymen,” Lincoln said, “at this second appearing to take the oath of the presidential office, there is less occasion for an extended address than there was at the first. Then a statement, somewhat in detail, of a course to be

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End of Ethics

Ethical progress produces a beneficial form of dogmatism. A normal, healthy society does not debate whether rape and torture are acceptable, because

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