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If it is true that Alex Jones is the victim of planted disinformation about Sandy Hook, who is responsible for the “defamation” of the parent? Alex Jones or those who misled Alex Jones with false information?

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Alex Jones used his radio show to say something personal., the case if ongoing [Photograph: Reuters ]

Carefully indoctrinated hatred of Alex Jones is the basis for the $49 million civil trial award to an alleged parent who says he was defamed by Alex Jones’ reporting about the alleged Sandy Hook school shootings. I use the word “alleged” because I personally do not know if the claims of the “defamed” person are true, and I do not know if the official narrative of the shooting is true.

They might be. If so, I can understand how a parent could be offended by Alex Jones’ reporting, but how is the parent defamed? If he is a parent of a Sandy Hook school shooting victim, my heart goes out to him, and Alex Jones was wrong in his conclusion. But being wrong in one’s conclusion is not defamation.

The important question is why don’t I know what actually happened? Why don’t I know who is right, the parent or Alex Jones? The answer is that the media failed.

The media ignored alleged evidence brought by independent investigators, such as announcements that a school shooting drill was to be held to practice evacuating kids from school; conflicting video evidence; photos that were photoshopped and used to establish parent-child relationships; claims that the school had been closed for mold reasons; and so on.

I don’t know if any of these claims are valid. What I do know is that the media did nothing at all to show me evidence that they were untrue. It would have been easy for a reporter to find out whether the school was actually in use and to report the fact. It would have been easy to find out if a shooting drill was held. If so many kids were killed, how did the removal of the body bags from the shooting and the funerals of the victims escape reporting? I remember that there was a controversy over a death certificate of one of the alleged victims. A couple of experts testified that the certificate was a forgery. This was astounding, but the media provided no explanation.

So, whereas I do not know what happened, I can see why Alex Jones would conclude that the shooting was an organized hoax. For what reason? Perhaps to further gun control or to plant the idea in the public’s mind of “domestic terrorism” or both.

If one steps back and takes a look at Sandy Hook and the evasion of needed explanations, one is reminded of the assassinations of John and Robert Kennedy, the Gulf of Tonkin, Serbia, 9/11, Saddam Hussein’s “weapons of mass destruction,” “Assad’s use of chemical weapons,” the blatant lies told by government officials and media about Libya and Gaddafi, Russiagate, January 6 “Insurrection,” and now the fifth version of “Trumpgate.” These are all assertions without evidence. If they lie to us about really Big Things, they will also lie to us about school shootings and everything else.

Lew Rockwell, a man who stands for liberty, always a good recommendation for a person, published his defense of Alex Jones, “The Lynching of an American Hero” — He lists the massive good Jones has done on so many fronts, taking the heat for exposing official but false narratives, and he wonders why one mistake, if indeed a mistake was made, suffices to close the mouth of a truth-teller.

Ron Unz, whose tolerant website is open to otherwise blocked views, keeps his distance from Alex Jones, but he points out in Jones’ defense that Michael Collins Piper showed that Cass Sunstein’s proposal for the security services to infiltrate truth tellers and mislead them with false information in order to discredit them might have claimed Alex Jones as a victim.

If it is true that Alex Jones is the victim of planted disinformation about Sandy Hook, who is responsible for the “defamation” of the parent? Alex Jones or those who misled Alex Jones with false information?

Americans, being an insouciant people who, in their unawareness, feel secure, do not understand that what they hear as “news” is disinformation used to indoctrinate them into a programmed consciousness. Most Americans are incapable of thinking for themselves. Their thoughts are governed by their peers and by CNN, NPR, New York Times and the rest of those who lie to them every minute of every day.

The total failure of the US media as a watchdog has created a new problem that requires legislation. If an American misled by fake news makes an incorrect charge or statement that results in a law suit, who is guilty, the person or the media that lied to him?

This is a new legal problem of our time.

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