India: Modi Should Stand by Annamalai

For the sake of political compulsions, Annamalai is unwilling to align his party with other parties,   some of whose leaders are facing corruption charges.

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Former IPS officer and Tamil Nadu BJP vice president K. Annamalai [ Photo: Twitter]

Mr. Annamalai’s entry into Tamil Nadu politics,  after resigning from the post of  high profile  police officer at young age , reminds one about the freedom fighters before India’s independence when several highly qualified  persons even from low income  families  entered politics with high motivation to fight for India’s freedom.

Certainly, even the pledged critics of  Mr.  Annamalai cannot but agree that he has brought in a refreshing political climate in Tamil Nadu,  due to his caliber and sense of commitment to value system ,  which obviously are of much higher standards than the other political leaders in the state. Several of his public speeches and observations have been scholarly , whether it concerns philosophy or history or economics or politics.

Need  for  quality  leadership

In the last sixty years or so , Tamil Nadu politics has been dominated by dravidian parties, when political and administrative corruption have gradually and steadily  become the order of the day.  The social life   and harmony in the state has been uprooted by lifting prohibition and in the process,  driving large section of menfolk into liquor addicts. As a result, life of several women particularly in poor families have almost become like one living in a hell, taking beatings form the menfolk.

Of late,. violence in public life have increased to an alarming level due to loss of value system in public and private life,  due to steadily declining standards of political leadership in the state.

The recent east Erode by election is a case study and immediate example to show the extent of deterioration in the political and social climate and value system in the state.

Obviously, there is urgent need for quality leadership to restore Tamil Nadu’s glory.

Kamaraj Era :

In such conditions, the young people, who have not seen or experienced the glorious administration of the former Chief Minister Mr. Kamaraj before the dravidian parties came to power , wonder whether such a person  like Mr. Kamaraj of great eminence and commitment to probity  could have  lived in Tamil Nadu and  ruled Tamil Nadu with such lofty standards at all.

Certainly, there is a widespread desire  and yearning amongst cross section of discerning people in Tamil Nadu today that a progressive  political climate with value systems with probity and transparency in governance  as existed in Kamaraj era. is urgently needed.

Today, there is a compelling need to bring back the glory  of Tamil culture and traditions and this would be possible only by replacing the dravidian parties with alternate leadership of much higher standards and commitment.

What Mr. Annamalai justifiably desires ?

When Mr. Annamalai entered Tamil Nadu politics, many people saw his entry with curiosity and disbelief , as sacrifice of personal interest for the sake of public cause amongst political leaders have become unknown in Tamil Nadu these days.

Certainly, activities of Mr. Annamalai   with courage of conviction and unbending desire to fight for rightful cause and backed by  high level of education and knowledge , has caught the imagination of the people.

For the sake of political compulsions, Mr. Annamalai is unwilling to align his party with other parties,   some of whose leaders are facing corruption charges.

Mr. Annamalai justifiably thinks that Kamaraj era can be brought back to Tamil Nadu , only by taking an uncompromising stand on principles  and guided by national cause and providing an opportunity for the people to exercise their franchise during the elections based on the need for value system  in public life.

Mr.  Annamalai  is certainly not interested  in taking a short term look to win elections in 2024 or 2026  for his party . Mr. Annamalai has made it clear that he is  willing to put forth utmost efforts and hard work to convince people to vote for his party  under the leadership of Prime Minister Mr. Modi..  This is the mental outlook and approach that would reflect on statesmanship quality of a political leader.

Prime Minister should stand by Mr. Annamalai in his quest for probity in public life and share his faith in people’s wisdom , if given an opportunity to exercise their franchise


N. S. Venkataraman is a trustee with the "Nandini Voice for the Deprived," a not-for-profit organization that aims to highlight the problems of downtrodden and deprived people and support their cause and to promote probity and ethical values in private and public life and to deliberate on socio-economic issues in a dispassionate and objective manner.

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