Pakistan Confronts its Future under Betrayal of Generals

The generals and the Sharif family wanted to dehumanize Khan and his PTI organization, and for the last two years, they have been bent on destroying his political integrity under false charges of corruption.

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How We, the People Got to the Disdained Present?

The new, educated, and proactive generations of Pakistanis wonder why the country and its systems of governance are dysfunctional, corrupt, and self-destructive. Why, over 75 years, have we been fighting with ourselves and the neocolonial systems of thinking and actions that remain intact, reminiscent of the savagery of British colonialism? The national freedom movement was a political struggle over ages inspired by Allama Mohammad Iqbal, the poet and philosopher, and led by the Muslim League under the leadership of Mohammad Ali Jinnah-Qaid-e-Azam, as our history narrates. No military generals were fighting for the freedom of Pakistan. While the new generations were ignored and deprived of any practical role-play in nation-building – the essence of the framework for nation-making, the generals were active in conspiring military coups for their interests and produced inept and corrupt so-called politicians to govern the country against reasoned political governance. The five military coups obliterated the moral, intellectual, and political foundation of Pakistan, leading to a catastrophic ending, losing its eastern part and the state of Jammu and Kashmir to India. The five military coups were a stab in the body of Pakistan.

The generals embody naive and violent assumptions of freedom plagued with tyranny and corruption to reassure foreign masters continuing financial and military support to the Army, IMF loans, the Civil Service, and systems of political governance for their allegiance to British imperialism, now replaced by American political hegemony, US-AID, and military domination. This institutionalized betrayal and deception are nothing new to the cause of national freedom. The Europeans subjugated the masses with “divide and rule” and viewed the ‘subjects’ as unequal, less than human beings at the ballot box or standing beside the colonial masters.

The contemporary trajectory of politics spells out the unthinkable wave of chaos and mismanagement by a few generals and a corrupt judiciary shaping a dark future for the present and future-making. Pakistan is fast becoming a dead-ended entity of moral, political, and intellectual landscape. Truth-telling is maligned and persecuted by the ruling elite. The British changed the sub-continent in 90 years, but Pakistan, after 75 years, has no viable system of political governance. Its home-grown enemies and traitors like ZA Bhutto, Ms. Bhutto, General Yahya Khan, Zardari, Sharifs, and General Musharraf were more harmful than foreign enemies. These impostors are seen as scum floating on a torrent. Pakistan lives in limbo with a missing legitimate system of political governance and accountability and a system of law and justice.

Nations cease to exist when educated people of new generations who could have replaced the old and redundant guards leave the country and never return to build the nation. Young educated generations embark on migrating to Europe or America and never come back. It is an irresistible necessity of time and truth that those in power must be warned and listen to the voices of reason and political necessity for change and truth for restraint and civilized behavior.

The generals do not have a knowledge-based capacity and credibility to develop economies or moral and intellectual fabrics of the nation or thinkers or poets or philosophers; they do not prepare present and future generations of educated people for national responsibility and share no sense of law and social justice to enhance nation-building. These egotistic generals and accomplices have no sense of time and history regarding how Pakistan was created and its imperatives for nation-building and democratic principles of fair and honest political governance. It is widely believed that the generals played an active role in removing Imran Khan – an elected PM from power and installing an indicted criminal and money launderer Sharif to power. Pakistani politics, if any, has become a hollow joke in global affairs. They are working and supporting the same plan of individualistic interest to undermine the freedom of Pakistan.

When would we learn about our wrong thinking, wrong priorities, and wrong actions? This current state of Pakistani affairs reflects a complete societal breakdown and a march towards self-annihilation. Despite hollow claims of the generals, no moral and ethical behaviour is seen in the sudden and inexplicable plunge into human wickedness, highlighting the affairs of the besieged nation.

People Won the National Freedom and the Generals Destroyed It

Most dreadful tragedies have infallibly resulted in victimizing the masses. Today, the nation is crippled with catastrophic events of insecurity, mismanagement, and socioeconomic and political exploitation. The Pakistani ruling elite and the generals are not open to reason and accountability. They are engaged in systematic subversion of national freedom, security, and future-making. They cannot realize the imperatives of hopes and expectations of the new generation of educated and morally and intellectually competent people. The future belongs to the new generation of educated people, not to the naive and obsolete generals. They view “power” and “Pakistan” as their own property. The authoritarian leaders played with its destiny and future without being questioned. They are the wrong people, with wrong thinking and doing the wrong things. If there was any fair system of accountability, some of the generals and accomplice politicians could well have faced firing squads for their crimes against the nation. Are the generals waiting for another mishap of formative history? Please see “British Colonialism and How India and Pakistan Lost Freedom.” Global Research and Uncommon Thought Journal: 1/01/22. In “Pakistan Leaders or Criminals,” you will discover how Bhuttos, Zardari, Sharifs, and General Musharraf – these thugs stole billions and billions to own properties in the UK, France, and Spain. The thinking people of the new generation view them as the most corrupt, crime-riddled monsters who will never come to terms with reason and honesty to reflect on their wrongdoings. They never imagined–how the present and future generations will remember them.

Was Imran Khan a Victim of Political Vengeance?

The generals and the Sharif family wanted to dehumanize Khan and his PTI organization, and for the last two years, they have been bent on destroying his political integrity under false charges of corruption. Pakistan’s failure to hold any credibility in the law and justice system is widely observed by all concerned. Although Imran Khan spoke of moral and intellectual values and nation-building, he did very little to support that agenda. He did not kill anybody nor rob any banks and was keen to have legal accountability for the stolen wealth and killings by Sharif brothers, Bhuttos, and Zardari and others. But political governance was infested with corrupt figures of the past. Tyranny is always powerless and transitory. Often when sadistic politicians cannot solve one set of problems, they come up with other naive ideas to create more critical problems to distract the masses. Khan has been imprisoned under the false pretext of political vengeance and to pave the way for another opening for the crime-riddled Sharif family. What is the solution to the morally and intellectually sickening political culture of Pakistani politics? It is hard to imagine that General Assam Munir and his few sadistic partners, including the Sharif family, would create an environment of free and fair elections. The law and justice system have already collapsed, and Pakistan could fall into another conspiracy for its disintegration. They would hold fake elections and do their best to see the return of Sharif family corresponding to the geopolitical agenda of the inept generals. If the generals and Sharif have any sense of history, reasoning, and accountability, they should not be part of any conspiracy against the people of Pakistan. They could well face the same fate as all conspiratorial and traitorous should do – court-martial and firing squads to clean the floating scum. History will judge the impostors by their actions, not by their claims to serve the nation.

Mahboob A. Khawaja

Dr. Mahboob A. Khawaja specializes in international affairs-global security, peace and conflict resolution with keen interests in Islamic-Western comparative cultures and civilizations, and author of several publications including the latest: One Humanity and the Remaking of Global Peace, Security and Conflict Resolution. Germany

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