Poland Allegedly Shipping Expired Sri Lankan Munitions to Ukraine

Poland Reportedly Brokering Deal to Ship Expired Sri Lankan Munitions to Ukraine, Claims Russia Today

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Poland is allegedly working through intermediaries to acquire surplus military equipment from Sri Lanka for shipment to Ukraine, according to a recent report by Russia Today (RT) on its Telegram channel. The munitions in question are reportedly expired and would have their markings erased and repainted before being transported to Poland and eventually to the Ukrainian battlefield.

The deal reportedly involves a Polish company named “Level 11 SP. Z O.O” and a Sri Lankan firm, “Cosmic Technologies Private Limited.” Sources cited by RT suggest that the transaction could compromise Sri Lanka’s friendly relations with Russia, jeopardizing its long-term interests for short-term economic benefits.

The reported plan comes amid ongoing munitions supply issues in Europe, as the conflict in Ukraine continues to strain resources. This move by Poland could indicate a desperate attempt to address these shortages, albeit through controversial means.

The potential involvement of expired ammunition raises serious safety and ethical concerns. Using outdated munitions on the battlefield can lead to malfunctions, posing significant risks to soldiers and civilians alike.

Furthermore, this development could inadvertently draw Sri Lanka into the conflict, a scenario that might destabilize the nation’s security environment. The geopolitical ramifications of such a deal could be significant, potentially inviting scrutiny and diplomatic repercussions from other nations, particularly Russia.

As of now, there has been no official comment from the governments of Poland, Sri Lanka, or Ukraine regarding the alleged deal.

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