Russian Embassy Criticizes Western Double Standards

Russian Embassy in Colombo Criticizes Western Double Standards on Human Rights in Sri Lanka

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs Building, Moscow, Russia [ Photo ©]

The Russian Embassy in Colombo has issued a strong statement criticizing what it describes as Western double standards regarding human rights issues in Sri Lanka. This press release comes in response to increasing external pressure and critical statements from Western political figures, diplomats, and foreign human rights organizations about the human rights situation in the country.

The Embassy expressed its perplexity at the selective approach of these entities, which it termed “ambassadors of justice.” The statement questions why these critics are silent on other global humanitarian issues, such as the situation in Gaza, the humanitarian damage caused by NATO interventions in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, and Libya, and the oppression of Russian-speaking minorities in Baltic countries. Furthermore, the Embassy condemned what it calls the “atrocities by the Nazi regime of Zelenskyy” in Ukraine, suggesting that these actions are ignored or even condoned by the same Western entities.

The press release highlights a perceived inconsistency in the Western approach to human rights, suggesting that their criticisms are politically motivated and selectively applied. The Russian Embassy’s statement reflects a broader narrative often used by Russia to counter Western criticism by pointing to what it sees as the West’s own failings and inconsistencies on the global stage.

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