Sri Lanka: Senior Police Officer Debunks Conspiracies Surrounding Easter Attack

Head of CTID Asserts Refutation of Baseless Allegations in Parliamentary Meeting

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Aftermath of the Easter attack [File Photo]

In a meeting held at the Parliament Complex, the Head of the Counter Terrorism Investigation Division (CTID), Senior Superintendent of Police Prasanna Alwis, emphatically dismissed several conspiracy theories associated with the tragic Easter Sunday attack of April 2019. The meeting, attended by Members of Parliament, aimed to provide an update on the progress of the police investigations into the devastating event.

SSP Prasanna Alwis addressed the gathered MPs, shedding light on the persistent spread of unfounded rumours and conspiracy theories that have surrounded the Easter Sunday attack since its occurrence. He firmly stated that these allegations contradicted the well-established accounts of the attack, which was carried out by a group of extremists inspired by the ideology of the Islamic State.

Among the prominent conspiracy theories debunked during the meeting was the existence of an individual known as ‘Sonic-Sonic,’ whose purported involvement in the attack had been widely circulated in certain circles. Senior Superintendent Alwis asserted that no credible evidence supported such claims and that they should be regarded as baseless.

Additionally, the wife of the suicide bomber who tragically took her own life at the Katuwapitiya Church in Negombo, identified as Sarah Jasmine, became a central figure in another unfounded conspiracy theory. Senior Superintendent Alwis unequivocally stated that the allegations surrounding Sarah Jasmine were also entirely without merit, emphasizing the need to rely on verified information.

The meeting underscored the importance of separating fact from fiction, especially concerning events as significant as the Easter Sunday attack. Senior Superintendent Prasanna Alwis called upon the public and media to exercise caution when encountering and sharing unverified information and conspiracy theories, as they can perpetuate misinformation and hinder the progress of ongoing investigations.

As the investigations into the Easter Sunday attack continue, authorities remain committed to uncovering the truth behind the tragic event, while simultaneously addressing and debunking any false narratives that may arise.

The meeting at the Parliament Complex served as a vital platform for disseminating accurate information and reinforcing the official account of the Easter Sunday attack, ultimately contributing to a more informed public discourse.

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