Murder in Gaza


Good work, Mr. President Biden.  You have managed to do what America’s enemies have not – creating widespread hatred for the United States around the globe.  Your destruction of the Gaza refugee


War on Gaza: What is Next after Genocide?

American complicity in Israel’s war of vengeance and collective punishment of innocent civilians in Gaza debacles the American history of giving life to knowledge, wisdom, ideals of freedom, and justice. Analyzing the


Last days of American democracy?

Over many years, I’ve been preoccupied with the various shades of totalitarianism, examining the very worst and most depraved regimes in history, from Adolf Hitler’s National Socialist racial paradise, Joseph Stalin’s frozen


Biden on the Brink

The political world was sent atwitter when the New York Times  and Siena College released a series of polls from key swing states showing former President Donald Trump with a comfortable lead

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