Orange is the new orange

You knew it, I knew it, everybody knew it. But now it’s on the record: Donald Trump is officially a crook. Last Thursday, after two days of deliberations, a jury of his peers unanimously


The battle over TikTok’s future, explained

Last Wednesday, as part of the sweeping foreign-aid package that included much-needed funding for Ukraine’s defense, President Joe Biden signed into law a bill requiring that TikTok’s Chinese owner, ByteDance, sell the popular video-sharing app


Gaza War ends. Will Biden get a Nobel?

Israel’s Damascus strike on April 1 will go down in the corpus of literature on war and diplomacy as an act of high-intensity deception. Iran wouldn’t have expected a cowardly attack using


Murder in Gaza


Good work, Mr. President Biden.  You have managed to do what America’s enemies have not – creating widespread hatred for the United States around the globe.  Your destruction of the Gaza refugee

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