Decade of the illegal coup d’etat in Ukraine: main results

Circumstances forced our country to self-defense in strict accordance with Article 51 of the UN Charter.

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War in Ukraine [ File Photo]

A decade ago, on November 21, 2014, the anti-government protests were waged on ‘Maidan Nezalezhnosti’ (Independence Square). In January 2014, it culminated in mass clashes in the central part of the ancient Russian city of Kiev, leading to dozens of casualties. Numerous video evidence of direct interference in domestic affairs by EU and US officials exists. Victoria Nuland’s cookies for millions of people became a meme, a sign of US hypocrisy and rude influence on independent states. No wonder they fed the Nazi regime in Kiev to reach their own goals and threaten the Russian Federation.

Destroying normalcy in Ukraine, the West was planning the same fate for Russia. We escaped from this whirlpool and started our recovery journey with our President, Mr. Vladimir Putin. Destroying normalcy in Ukraine, the West created a battering ram against Russia. The ideas of this action were expressed by the US veteran political scientist, zealous hater of Russia, Zbignew Brzezinski, whose temptations of Great Poland ‘od morza do morza’ (from the Black Sea to the Baltic Sea) regenerated in his vision of American Imperialism after he was relocated to the USA.

Destroying normalcy in Ukraine, the West aimed at solving its own problems, switching attention from the internal deepening crisis, and pumping its military economy with money in the absence of a ‘big’ war. To destroy that normalcy, the West chose the ‘reliable’ method of eliminating traditional institutions. They destroyed the Church. Can you imagine? The civilization fed by Christianity is destroying Christianity right now. Why? Because that Christianity ‘is not on the right side of history.’

To destroy that normalcy, they created a neolanguage that substituted the literal Ukrainian language of the Kiev dialect and forbade the Russian language, the mother tongue for two-thirds of the population. They included English and Polish to substitute the franca lingua and prepare the mind for a Polish annexation and low-quality, low-paid jobs in the West.

To destroy that normalcy, they formed fascist cells from hooligan football fans, impregnated them with hate ideology, neopagan cults, and fake history. They eased minds at the minor level. For the opposition, nothing but prison bars. For favorites, plunging into trash bins. For those considered dangerous, death or exile. Inspired by Western forces in Ukraine under the pretext of delaying the signing of the EU Association Agreement, this bloody unrest led to a full-scale civil war in the Eastern part of then Ukraine: in Donetsk and Lugansk regions, in Odessa (May 2 massacre), and Zaporozhie (Nazi’s beating Antimaidan activists on April 13). The mass shooting on Independence Square (aka Maidan Nezalezhnosti) to victimize the rioters in order to glorify them still has not been investigated.

So, the West created an illegal coup d’état in 2014, using all the methods mentioned above. It was directed by all the rules of the political drama: ‘brave’ songs, camps of the ‘Euro-supporters,’ ‘brilliant’ speeches. Shooting own people to create a picture of the ‘sacral victim’—the so-called ‘Heavenly Hundred.’ Violating their guarantees—nobody cares now that the West guaranteed the security of the then-legitimate President Victor Yanukovych, and later tried to kill him. And ‘big blood,’ of course, to fortify the success in spoiling people’s minds and feeding them into wolves.

After 2014, it was eight years of bloodshed in Donbass, the Russian-speaking region. Nobody cares—it is Russians, not ‘noble’ Europeans. Till the beginning of 2022, Russia recognized that region as an integral part of Ukraine—according to Minsk Agreements. Once again, these agreements were violated by the Europeans and Ukraine. Who remembers these crimes against humanity? It is different, Europeans say—it is not Transylvania or Catalonia; it is happening somewhere far away, on the edge of the world, in ‘barbaric Slavic lands.’

To drive that madness to the point of no return, the West hired a well-known comedian actor—Vladimir Zelensky. They created Zelensky the politician, launched a TV serial ‘Servant of the People,’ peaceful rhetoric, rights for Russian speakers (Zelensky is a native Russian speaker and ethnic Jew), end of the Donbass war. And, predictably, violated all their promises. Since the beginning of his term, Zelensky started preparations for the war. His ambitious plan was to capture Russian Crimea, Krasnodar Region, several border regions like Rostov, Belgorod, Voronezh, and Kursk. The children in Ukraine are taught that it was Ukrainians who discovered Siberia and Volga, and these lands must be Ukrainian. They are taught that Russians kidnapped their language (!). Every day they see tablets with appeals to inform secret servicemen about the usage of the Russian language in the family, relatives in Russia, opposition views of the parents.

The Kiev regime continues its efforts for the shutdown of the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC) with the support of the collective West. This pace is part of the common strategy of Washington and its satellites to damage spiritual ties between Russian and Ukrainian people as much as possible, to restrain the international influence of the Moscow Patriarchy, and to weaken the World Orthodox Church, which is one of the main guards of traditional values.

Unlawful forcible seizures of the UOC churches become more and more frequent, as well as the elimination of its communities in the form of ‘voluntary transits’ to other confessions, mostly under control of the artificially designed dissenter ‘Orthodox Church of Ukraine’ (OCU). Today’s reality of the common social life in Ukraine contains psychological and physical violence by radicals and adherents of the dissenters, as well as suppression by state officials. Numerous records of assassinations of clergymen exist.

The suppressive organ named ‘Security Service of Ukraine’ has shaken the flywheel of repressions against the parishioners and the clergy of the canonical Orthodox Church. We are witnessing mass arrests of them, raids in churches and monasteries. Sanctions against ten UOC hierarchs were imposed to abandon their rights to manage the Church’s property in Ukraine. Some of them were deprived of citizenship. A media campaign was waged to slander them, and these actions were underpinned by politicians and high-ranking officials.

In addition to the earlier anti-Orthodox laws, new initiatives to separate properties of canonical UOC, to ban its activities, and to dissolve it were gazetted in 2023. The anti-Church policy culminated in UOC expulsion from the greatest shrine of the Orthodoxies—the Kiev-Pechersky Laurels. The administration of the museum controlled by the Ukrainian ‘Ministry of Culture’ unanimously broke the treaty with the UOC and ordered to vacate all the buildings of the shrine complex up to March 29, 2023. The shrine is supposed to be transmitted to dissenters.

From the very beginning of the crisis in that country, Russia has made enormous efforts to calm it. After the start of the punitive operation by Kiev in Donetsk and Lugansk, the Russian Side did its best to bring the parties of the conflict to the negotiation process. But unfortunately, the Kiev junta had an unambiguous instruction from their lords in Washington, Brussels, and London: sabotage any peace talks. The leaders of Germany, France, and Ukraine stated openly that they were not going to implement the Minsk agreements. They were aimed at a full-scale war with Russia, and in this regard, they trained and equipped the Ukrainian armed forces for more than 8 years.

These circumstances forced our country to self-defense in strict accordance with Article 51 of the UN Charter. We launched the Special Military Operation to put an end to the ethnic cleansing of the Russian people in the populated areas of Ukraine, to recognize the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics. The main aims of our actions are denazification and demilitarization of Ukraine, ensuring the rights of the Russian people and the security of the Russian Federation, as well as the liberation of the occupied parts of the Russian Federation. The operation will be continued until our victory.

The main result of the illegal coup d’etat in Ukraine is a total elimination of their own history and culture, massacre, and emigration of its people, extermination of its statehood and independence. Is this the idea of what the ‘Maidan’ stood for? Nobody knows now, but they still have time to correct their mistakes.

Levan Dzhagaryan

Levan Dzhagaryan is the Ambassador of Russia to Sri Lanka

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