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I would like to declare that the Islamic Republic of Iran views the resistance to Palestine as a liberation movement, and that the policy of forced displacement of the people of the Gaza Strip is a continuation of violations and a war crime, and that preserving the Al-Aqsa Mosque and other holy places is a major necessity.

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Palestinians work in the debris of buildings targeted by Israeli airstrikes in Jabalia refugee camp, northern Gaza, Nov 1, 2023

Following excerpts adapted from the speech by the Author as the President of Islamic Republic of Iran at the joint meeting of the OIC and Arab League regarding Gaza

Today, in this emergency summit, we gathered here to address the most important issues of the Islamic world, meaning the Palestinian issue, one of the disasters of human history, and the heroic Gaza, to take a historic and fateful decision.

All the problems of the Islamic world are solvable in the light of unity and cohesion. Relying on God Almighty and His absolute power and trusting in the abilities and capabilities of the Islamic world is the way to save the Islamic Ummah, and not trusting the controlling and hegemonic powers. The Islamic Republic of Iran has pursued a policy of good neighbourliness and harmony and opened its arms of brotherhood and friendship to all Islamic countries.

Today we have gathered here in order to respond to the cry made by oppressed Muslims to other Muslims, and today the Messenger of God (may God bless him and grant him peace) is the one who brings solace to the land of Palestine. Today, what does the Prophet of Islam expect from his Ummah? Today, what does the Islamic nation want from its leaders and governments?

Today is the day of conflict between the right and the wrong, and the fabricated entity of Israel is a pharaoh for our time and a symbol of corruption on earth and the killing of innocents. The million-strong demonstrations across the globe indicate that the Palestinian issue is in the hearts of the peoples, and for this day is the day of the victory of blood over sword.

What happened in the Gaza Strip over the past 5 weeks is a shameful and historic disgrace to morals, law and humanity.

The Occupying Regime, in violation of all international rules, launched a fierce attack on the Gaza Strip using indiscriminate bombing and the use of phosphorus bombs and other prohibited weapons with the aim of genocide, and turned half of the Gaza Strip into a hill of dirt. To date, more than 11,000 innocent people have been killed, in addition to more than 3 thousand people remaining under the rubble, and most of the victims are innocent women and children. The killing of medical staff and reporters and the bombing of hospitals are part of these horrific crimes. The worst thing is the likely loss of the lives of the victims who have not received medicines and medical supplies due to the siege of the Zionist regime.

The events in the Gaza Strip are a confrontation between the axis of honour and the axis of evil, and everyone must clarify which path they have fallen into.

Undoubtedly, the US government is the main perpetrator and accomplice to this crime. Israel is the illegitimate child of America. It is America that has preferred support it over the sacred lives of thousands of oppressed Palestinian children. By immediately forming its security cabinet in the occupied territories, America encouraged the Zionist regime to carry out criminal operations against the helpless people of Gaza and called it legitimate defence. The claim of legitimate defence by the occupying forces, who are constantly violating the rights of Palestinians, is one of the bitter ironies of history, which is not compatible with any of the established legal rules and international standards.

At the same time, the US warship was sent to the region, thus effectively entering the war on behalf of Israel. The all-out support of the Zionist regime in the UN Security Council and preventing the adoption of a resolution to stop the genocide of Palestinians in Gaza was another service of America to the aggressors, allowing them to conduct war crimes more than ever.

Another action of the US is arming and supporting the Zionist regime with all kinds of deadly weapons and filling up the arms reserves of the usurping Israel, in addition to providing billions of dollars in aid to the military budget of this regime. Both the Zionist regime’s war machine and its fuel belong to the Americans. Heavy shipments of weapons are being sent on a daily basis and the Zionist enemy has so far dropped bombs equivalent to seven atomic bombs on the scale of the Hiroshima crime on the people of Gaza. This crime is considered as participation in the crime and should be strictly pursued by international authorities.

The most destructive role is the role of America. The killing of millions of people in the world, including in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and other Islamic countries, is under the responsibility of America. America is the instigator of this battle by entertaining the world with contracts, taking effectiveness from all international organisations.

Now that the international assemblies under the influence of America are suffering from indecisiveness, characterlessness, and the lack of identity, we must take the field.

I would like to declare that the Islamic Republic of Iran views the resistance to Palestine as a liberation movement, and that the policy of forced displacement of the people of the Gaza Strip is a continuation of violations and a war crime, and that preserving the Al-Aqsa Mosque and other holy places is a major necessity.

What we repeatedly emphasised over the past years is being heard from the European and American peoples, and I hereby thank all the peoples who have shown solidarity with the people of Gaza. Today, Israel’s crimes in Gaza are a reason for the awakening of people in the world. Today, attention must be directed to another topic, which is nuclear Israel. The only racist regime in the world that legitimises the killing of children. This regime is not under the supervision of any international organisation and threatens innocent people with atomic bombs.

The Islamic resistance, which has achieved great successes in defence of Palestine and the region, is the result of the awakening of the Islamic Ummah and the experiences of more than 70 years of confronting the aggression, hegemony, and arrogance of the Zionist enemy and the arrogant countries that support it.

Views expressed are the author’s own

Ebrahim Raisi

Dr. Ebrahim Raisi is an Iranian cleric, prosecutor, and politician who has been serving as the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran since 2021

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